How Jacarina Soto is disrupting the Reiki industry

Jacarina Soto is a first generation Dominican American who went from living the expected life of earning her college degree and working in corporate America to living a life of purpose running her own spiritually driven business. Today, she lives for the purpose of serving others as a holistic life coach, Reiki healer, and meditation teacher.

Soto focuses her business on creating a unique and safe space to help all women assist with inner healing work, emphasizing helping BIPOC women. She wants to help women with her teachings focusing on the connection of spirit, mind and body; When all three come together in alignment, people can move forward with strength, confidence, and happiness to achieve all of their goals.

Making a difference in BIPOC communities

Soto has personally witnessed the greatest impact of his work within the BIPOC communities. Soto explains that “In BIPOC communities, mental health and almost any form of healing work has been stigmatized. We have continued to normalize and suppress the trauma.” She understands that because of the first-hand representation. “I had the unplanned experience of having women of color as teachers, which has been powerful to see women who look like me step up and be leaders in their fields,” she said.

Soto has been able to bring women together and allow them to discover their innate wisdom and power using different modalities. These modalities eventually allow you to explore what works best for your distinctive body, mind, and soul. She believes that when all three come together in alignment, they can operate from our highest consciousness to live authentically.

Growing up a first-generation African-Dominican American, Soto never felt like she quite fit in with her surroundings. “My coping mechanism was always to seek external validation of my accomplishments,” she said. “However, as much as I tried to live life according to the expectations of my family and society, an internal war was going on.” She found herself going through the motions of doing all the expected things but never feeling fulfilled. When she began to learn about the inner world, things began to fit together and transformed everything.

“I always say I didn’t find Reiki,” Soto explained. “Reiki found me. I think for most of us who end up in the holistic field, he was never intended, and life guides us here.” Soto feels that she was brought on this path for a purpose and wants to help others find themselves in the same direction.

“Don’t be intimidated by the number of practitioners in the field of energy work,” he said. Soto believes that if you feel called to be a Reiki practitioner or any other wellness practitioner, follow that feeling. Clients will trust your ability and think that you can help them. Just remember to bring your unique style to your practices. Although Reiki is a manual healing modality learned from teacher to student, allow your intuition to guide you each time on how to do it. For Soto, that is using crystals during Reiki sessions when they are not traditionally part of the practice.

When you are an energy healer or reiki practitioner, the most important thing you do is take care of your vessel. “With Reiki, our body becomes the conduit for channeling Reiki energy,” said Soto. “This work requires a lot of energy, and you are working with the energy of others, so make sure you rest and restart when necessary. Be mindful of taking care of your body, mind, and spirit as you see fit every day.”

Through the business aspect, customer service is critical. Soto makes sure that each client has the best possible experience. When you’re growing your business, referrals will be the most important marketing tactic. This is a service-based business, so Soto likes to make sure his clients feel safe to relax and can feel that you really care about their well-being. You want your customers to leave happy and come back. There is a false humility around charging for holistic services, that in the end, you are providing a service that requires your knowledge, skills, time and energy.

Within the next five to ten years, Soto sees herself creating a massive community for women to connect around the world. She wants to educate you to discover who you are, recalibrate your energy, release limiting beliefs, and embody her highest consciousness. Soto hopes that as the world travels and interacts more freely again, she will be able to host in-person events and retreats, leading to the creation of a nonprofit wellness center to provide mental support for teenage girls.

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