How female leadership mentor Gordana Jakopcevic leans into her sexuality

Leaning towards her sexuality and femininity is not something new for Gordana Jakopcevic. It is something that she practices both in her personal life and her professional life. As a female leadership mentor and female sexuality coach for women of multiple passions, her job is to open doors for women to maximize their feminine power and invite deeper pleasure, freedom, and abundance into their lives.

However, this field was not what Gordana has always sought professionally. “I hired my first sex coach because, after years of personal development, there was still a gap between relationships and money in my life, and sexuality was the only part that I still had to explore,” Jakopcevic said. “He took me down the rabbit hole. When a woman connects with her life force energy and her true sexuality and sensuality, she becomes unstoppable. Embodiment of sexuality means that I am fully present in my body, connected to the truth and wisdom that lives within me through all my senses, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Lessons from the rabbit hole of Jakopcevic’s sexuality

This rabbit hole that Jakopcevic explains has taught him vital lessons that he shares with Disrupt Magazine. “The feminine for many centuries has been shamed, rejected and silenced,” he explained. “Most of us have been taught a lot about the masculine and very little about the feminine. (We all have masculine and feminine energy within us regardless of gender or sexual preference.) The world right now devalues ​​the feminine, and we live in a very patriarchal society. There is an imbalance.”

Jakopcevic recognizes that, in general, we live in a time where women’s voices are not yet heard, where women do not fully assume their power. She believes that redeveloping the feminine is shedding light on how we have been taught to silence, shame or avoid her, identifying them and disassociating ourselves from that collective narrative that the feminine is a weakness or a sin, something we should not embrace. In other words, Jakopcevic is a revolutionary.

Jakopcevic also believes that the heightened stress and insanity of the times we live in contribute to a woman’s need to completely master pleasure and power. “We are living in crazy times right now,” she said. “Not only are we in the midst of a global pandemic that has affected us all, but it has also brought to light what it means to be part of a global community facing so many daunting challenges. Now more than ever, women in their full command of power and pleasure is what is needed to innovate our communities, our economy, our land. The women vowed to reclaim that power and let it flow. It is the way to go”.

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