How Enur Pakashtica made a difference with his skills

“The greatest achievers in the world have been those who have always remained focused on their goals and have been consistent in their efforts.”
– Dr. Roopleen

Once an individual begins to achieve, he tends to hone his skills more and more as consistency becomes the reason for his success. Kosovar Albanian singer, producer and television host Enur Pakashtica, born on October 14, 1994, is one of those people who has made a difference in the lives of many with his skills. When Pakashtica was six years old, she began singing and performing on stage for other children at school. This built Pakashtica’s confidence and motivated him to keep singing and making a career out of it. It’s not an easy task to formulate a world where your true passion can become a skill and make you successful, but Pakashtica has done an extraordinary job while continuing to make a powerful impact.

Learning from the hard times

There were setbacks in Pakashtica’s life, as she was a refugee in Izmir, Turkey, along with her parents and brother when war broke out between Serbia and her home country, Kosova in 1999. When disappointments became an integral part of Pakashtica’s life, and she spent her time in Turkey, there were times when she felt there was no way out, yet she stood her ground and returned to Kosovo to pursue her passion for singing. Since he was a child, Pakashtica has been training in Karate, and after successfully performing Karate for seven years, he obtained 2nd Dan, a Black Belt, and a Master’s in Karate. Pakashtica completed primary school in Pristina, and studied and successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in marketing at the University of Business and Technology.

So far, Pakashtica has created over 15 songs and collaborated with artists like Adrian Gaxha for the remake of the song “Ajshe”. As Pakashtica faced struggles and difficulties, her dedication remained steadfast and her passion for making more music grew more determined. Pakashtica participated in Gjeniu i Vogël (season 2), a popular singing talent show on TV Klan in Albania, where she made a place in the top 10 contestants. He has also attended X Factor Albania (season 2), where he reached the semi-finals and performed flawlessly. There was a time when Pakashtica doubted himself, but he learned from the difficulties and came back stronger with more vigor and enthusiasm to achieve it.

The motivations that propelled Pakashtica forward

John Mayer and his guitar skills have inspired Pakashtica as they acted as a model for Pakashtica’s talents and abilities. Pakashtica has been touched by his closest friends, who gave him motivation and the right drive to make music that would make a difference in the world. Pakashtica’s skills have worked wonders for his fans as they listen to him on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Songs like Natë e Gatë by Pakashtica, released in 2020, have been broadcast by many people and have been appreciated and applauded for their unique and soulful rhythm, as Pakashtica’s voice makes a person feel a connection to it. When looking for music, Pakashtica makes those beats that make a person feel vulnerable, as most of her songs have a sense of depth and nostalgia.

James Corden has been an inspiration to Pakashtica when he began to expand and become a television host. By studying Corden closely, Pakashtica analyzed how he presented and performed his show. Pakashtica felt that Corden would control his emotions and not let his personal feelings get in his way. Corden is unbiased and uses complete creative freedom when it comes to putting on a show. Pakashtica also noted that Corden controlled his speech, spoke impressively, and wowed the audience. Corden inspired Pakashtica and made him pursue hosting with new energy and motivation.

The beginning of WAZZUP and its influence

When Pakashtica was a percussionist with the World Peace Orchestra in 2013, he went to New York for a concert and was interviewed on Klan Kosova Television. When he sat down with the director, Pakashtica was delighted when the director came up with the idea of ​​starting a television show, WAZZUP, which resonated with young people and featured newcomer musical artists who wanted to be exposed. Since 2014, Pakashtica spent almost ten years with Klan Kosova Television as the host of WAZZUP and made more than 1,500 episodes. After working tirelessly for three years with Klan Kosova Television, Pakashtica was promoted to the position of author at the company in 2017.

When the WAZZUP show started, Pakashtica was responsible for creating the content that would air on the show for the entire hour it aired. WAZZUP first aired on November 140, 2014 and aired from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. The show became a sensation among all those musicians in the entertainment industry who want to succeed and create a stir with their talent. Pakashtica has interviewed celebrities like Rihanna’s father, Donald Fenty, and covered Dua Lipa’s “Sunny Hill Festival” in Pristina. Pakashtica has hosted a children’s contest under the name ChampionQuiz for two seasons while on WAZZUP and has hosted shows called “Summer Zone” and “Ora E Mbremjes” for one season each.

Pakashtica is a motivated and inspiring person who has dared to dream and has achieved it with great success. Pakashtica took a risk and shook the world with her passion, skills and talent. Pakashtica has inspired thousands of people to start and continue their journey in music. It takes time, but pursuing music is rewarding and gives the individual their calling. Pakashtica has made a difference with her skills and has done a remarkable job of retaining them. With the motto of never giving up, Pakashtica’s constant thirst to inspire and motivate has fueled many people and given them hope to dream big. Idowu Koyenikan once said: “What is considered impossible is someone else’s opinion. What is possible is my decision ”. This implies that you be their decision maker and walk the path that leads to victory, which Pakashtica has done successfully.

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