How Chef Dr. Mike advocates for healthier lifestyles through culinary and medical expertise

Although choosing to participate in activities such as physical exercise or sports plays a vital role in our well-being, the foods and drinks that we must consume to simply exist are just as important. In fact, it’s no secret that a person’s diet has a significant impact on their overall health, well-being, and happiness. Fortunately, Chef Dr. Mike has dedicated his career to helping people adopt a healthy lifestyle filled with tasty foods that nourish both body and soul.

Through his expert practice and evidence-based understanding of food and health, Chef Dr. Mike brings a cutting-edge approach to the outdated concept of “diet”; a fresh look that takes people beyond mere nutrition-focused regimens and trendy health trends.

Over the years, what has been offered as so-called healthy food options has been associated with bland, unappetizing, and simply unappealing cuisine. This misconception about healthy eating has made it even more difficult for people to stay on the right track. For this reason, interventional cardiologist, professional chef, and professor of culinary medicine, Chef Dr. Mike, has taken on the challenge of shedding light on what the word “diet” really means.

With his take on delicious modern cuisine, Chef Dr. Mike shares what a hearty, healthy meal looks and tastes like, almost like a forbidden porn food binge. As one of the main advocates of a balanced lifestyle, he wants to show everyone that eating healthy does not mean giving up delicious food. Quite the contrary, his approach is to have the best of both worlds.

His unique perspective and singular point of view masterfully integrate the Culinary Arts and Medical Sciences into a single practice; giving people a dish that is both healthy and sumptuous.

“Culinary medicine is a relatively new discipline based on the application of evidence-based data to ancient teachings,” Chef Dr. Mike explained. He added that conventional medicine has failed to provide people with diets that offer tasty foods that are actually good for the body. Culinary medicine shifts from failed perspectives that focus on 19th century concepts of calories, unintelligible guidelines on percentage of saturated fat and RDA, and useless categories of palate profiles like “dairy” or “red meat,” to focus on the quality of the ingredients we choose. With Chef Dr. Mike’s specific approach to the complete dining experience, not just the what we eat, but excuse me, why, where when, and with whomwe choose to dine, this revolutionary vision is breaking new ground.

Chef Dr. Mike knows wholeheartedly that Culinary Medicine is the answer to the questions: Is there a lifestyle approach to food that sustains the individual in body, mind, and spirit? Is there a satisfyingly delicious way to find health, wellness, longevity, and happiness? Can we sustain the planet as we sustain ourselves??

“I don’t believe in setting limits when it comes to food,” he said. “The idea that healthy food can’t be tasty, and tasty food can’t be good for you, or that there is one healthy diet for everyone, are all myths,” he further clarified, bite by bite. , this truth seeker is challenging and debunking health myths and misconceptions around the world.

Chef Dr. Mike has been featured on Fox News, Fox Business, The Doctors and countless other outlets both nationally and locally. He has been featured in Men’s Health, Muscle and Fitness, Shape, The Atlantic, Variety, The Huffington Post, and many other publications. In addition, he is the author of four books:Ancient Foods: The Greeks and the Vikings,The Calorie Fallacy: Why the Modern Western Diet Is Killing Us and How to Stop It,Eat Well, Live Better: The Ultimate Gourmet Guide to Good Health and Good FoodandFood Shaman: The Art of Quantum Food. He is currently preparing his latest proposal on mindfulness and food: ordinary food.

Chef Dr. Mike has also launched a commercial kitchen Culinary Medicine program in association with the American Culinary Federation; The cooking program approved by the American Culinary Federation of Culinary Medicine (ACF-CMA). Successful applicants receive a seal and listing with ACF, America’s largest culinary certification body to let customers and clients know that the food they serve adheres to Chef Dr. Mike’s Culinary Medicine principles and practices. He has expanded the scope of the graduate program at the University of Montana School of Health, Introduction to Culinary Medicine, to all offering through the University an online version of the popular course. This gives anyone aspiring to learn Culinary Medicine an introduction to the advancements of this new and rapidly growing field.

“In the end, it’s about resetting our relationship with the food we eat through our individual food experience,” said Chef Dr. Mike. In years to come, he hopes his inspiring teachings will continue to help guide people to find their own health, wellness, longevity, and happiness through epicurean enlightenment!

Learn more about Chef Dr. Mike by visiting his website and Instagram profile.

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