How Anne van Leynseele became a successful cannabis lawyer

As a child, Anne always questioned the status quo; she never settled for anything she wasn’t sure of. Instead, he explored and experimented with different areas of the various industries to find out what he is passionate about.

Before deciding to attend law school, Anne met with an attorney who worked at Preston Gates & Ellis, which later merged with K&L Gates, to see what the practice of law really looks like on a daily basis; she took the opportunity to work as an employee. This experience encouraged her to apply to law school and she continued to work there full time while attending the evening program at Seattle University School of Law. When she was in law school, Anne discovered that the health insurance system was confusing and unfair, so she worked on creating a document called “The Layman’s Guide to Breast Cancer.” To her delight, a law school professor shared the document, and it helped her land a job as a federal advisory attorney in Washington DC for Obama One.

After this once-in-a-lifetime experience, Anne returned to Washington state thinking that she would work as a health care attorney. After a disappointing experience with strong Seattle law firms, he began writing a business plan to open his own health law practice. Before launching this, she was touched by the struggle of newly legalized recreational cannabis entrepreneurs in the evolving and complex cannabis industry. He found an article that said a federal agency denied water rights to legal marijuana growers in Washington state and Colorado, the first two states to license recreational marijuana. “It was unbridled federalism.” Anne exclaimed. Upon further investigation, Anne realized that the majority of attorneys practicing cannabis law were criminal attorneys and that there was an urgent need for a regulatory and business-minded attorney in the industry.

Thus began Anne’s journey as a cannabis lawyer.

As a first step, he decided to establish his own law firm, Northwest Marijuana Law, as it was known then. Starting with herself alone, within a year Anne represented 118 clients across Washington State and by 2017 she renamed the firm 7 Point Law and represented a quarter of the legal cannabis industry in Washington state.

Anne’s secret to success lies in the fact that she prefers a holistic and risk-averse approach when it comes to serving her clients. This included comprehensive strategic legal advice where all 7 Point attorneys weigh in on major business decisions and litigation issues. She believes that it is important to consider the entire business and all potential risk factors for owners to avoid any potential harm.

For this purpose, Anne views the legal needs of each client through a business lens in this rapidly expanding global supply chain. With this approach, Anne has become a trusted legal tactic and strategic business advisor to her clients, while carefully identifying potential risks and emerging opportunities. Even after the unfortunate dissolution of 7 Point Law, he continued to expand his career in cannabis law. In June 2019, he moved into a Los Angeles-based cannabis and corporate law firm at the national and international epicenter of cannabis law. His practice there focused on regulatory compliance, expansion and exit strategies for national and transnational cannabis, CBD and hemp companies and on providing legal advice to national and international non-cannabis companies seeking to enter the space of the cannabis. Later, in 2020, it chose to launch a new approach that merges the fractional general advisory service and the business advisory service into Gemba Growth.

Her formative experiences in the legalized cannabis industry born out of the black market marijuana enterprise, her former legal partner, and her concern over the industry’s failure to eliminate systemic problems, inspired Anne to write a long-awaited and comprehensive memoir. about the early days of legal cannabis. and the much-needed reform of the industry, to be released before the end of 2021.

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