How a 16-year-old in India made over $1,500 on Fiverr in 3 months selling automation solutions

Gone are the days of presenting a fancy college degree to a client before taking a chance on a service and signing your name to an invoice. In the world of freelancing, if a person can show up, get the job done, and get it done in the allotted time, the client is satisfied. The client is so happy, in fact, that they come back for more, as using the same service provider repeatedly saves them the time of onboarding another freelancer.

It’s a new dawn in the world of remote work, one where barriers to entry like college degrees and expensive tuition aren’t stopping talented, job-hungry people from making a name for themselves. That’s why a 16-year-old high school student in India, Varun Arora, is making the most of Fiverr in building his online business.

A will to make it work

Having known Fiverr for years, posting services here and there to earn some money, Varun started taking the site seriously after seeing Alexandra Fasulo’s CNBC coverage in March 2021. Inspiring Varun to revisit Fiverr with tips and newly acquired hints, in just three months, the Delhi public school student Bangalore East has earned more than $1,500 and the amount is increasing month by month.

Leveraging his educational background in AI and ML, having been one of 100 selected from across the nation of India to participate in Intel’s AI4Youth pilot program, Varun spent time identifying his skill set and unique value proposition that could offer to Fiverr customers, at an affordable and reasonable rate. The results can be seen in six different Fiverr gigs on his profile currently, ranging from ‘scraping, downloading or uploading data, performing automation tasks using Python and Selenium’ to ‘training custom object detection, image classification using Tensorflow or Yolo’.

Even more impressive, Varun’s Fiverr profile is unabashedly Gen Z, playing on his youth with a fun and clever profile design that makes it 100% authentic.

“There are a lot of opportunities given the expansion of the internet right now, which is something I embrace with passion every day. This internet accessibility is helping to shape my ambition to become a tech entrepreneur, and I hope my story can inspire others my age to consider the same option for themselves,” said Varun.

A budding entrepreneur

Varun doesn’t stop at Fiverr either. He is the co-founder of the FunnyFlightFinds Instagram page, which currently has over 10,000 followers, over 3.75 million lifetime video views, and over 500,000 likes. He is also the founder of Tabular Studies, which was a free educational content website designed to help students in the learning process. The platform focused on creating visual content that made more technical topics easier to digest for students of all ages and backgrounds.

It’s safe to say that entrepreneurship is a passion of Varun’s that he’s not likely to give up on any time soon. The high school student puts his desire to help others at the center of everything he does, from teaching his peers and friends to optimizing automation solutions for businesses of all kinds.

With a perfect five-star Fiverr profile average and over 21 satisfied customers living in India, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, the UK and the US to name a few, Varun’s story is just the beginning of their global domination. . It recently crossed the Tier 1 ranking mark on Fiverr, on track to approach Tier 2 for this fall.

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