Ho’ōla Nā Pua works hard to create a community to prevent sex trafficking and provide care for exploited children

Human trafficking has become a threat to all communities in the world. However, among all age groups of people, children are the most affected due to their exploitation after sex trafficking. In the US, the situation is grim and Hawaii is one of the US states hardest hit due to child sex trafficking.

Ho’ola Na Pua is a prominent organization in this area that has come forward to prevent sex trafficking and provide care for exploited children. Jessica Munoz, founder and president of Ho’ola Na Pua, has said that the organization is working with the vision of creating a community to end the horrible forms of abuse against children.

The entire Ho’ola Na Pua team is working to end sex trafficking and introduce an environment to create a bright future for children. Organize several fundraising campaigns to get donations to work for this serious cause that affects the US and the rest of the world.

Recently, Jessica Muñoz, founder of the non-profit organization, expressed through a podcast the seriousness of the crisis of human trafficking in the country. She believes that it is about time this topic deserves more attention and there needs to be more conversations about it.

So it is only possible to raise awareness about it and stop it permanently to safeguard the future of children. Muñoz has expressed that the number of cases of human trafficking is increasing exorbitantly. Therefore, children feel vulnerable and enjoy less freedom in their lives.

At Ho’ola Na Pua, Muñoz and other team members are making notable efforts to address the problem of trafficking. According to the available report, around 25 million people are losing their fundamental rights to freedom after being victims of exploitation due to trafficking.

Globally, around 24.9 million people are trafficked at any given time. Ho’ola Na Pua works to provide 24/7 care and treatment to exploited children. Their campaigns provide services such as individual and group psychotherapy, life skills classes, health services, outpatient services, and mentoring support.

Over time, commercial sexual exploitation in Hawaii increases. Online exploitation is taking an improved form and ruining the future of children of all ages. Young people experience boredom, frustration, and other risky behaviors.

Thus, young children are victims of online exploration, substance abuse, and mental health problems. Ho’ola Na Pua is expanding its network in several US states to take the necessary steps to prevent sex trafficking and provide care for exploited children.

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