Himanshu Mittal: How He is Revolutionizing the Creator Economy With Creatorshala

Being an entrepreneur is a hard job. You need a plethora of skills to act efficiently in this market. Focusing, learning, communicating and strategizing the business is a must. Himanshu Mittal belongs to this list of efficient business people. He keeps his followers swooning over his marketing skills and acts as an inspiration to budding speculators!

Himanshu was just like any other middle-class kid. But what makes him unique? His ability to think out of the box! His parents greatly supported his talent in the digital field, and he pursued his higher studies at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. He began his career quite grandly with the role of a marketing expert for the Times of India. After this position, he even acted as a digital marketing strategist!

Himanshu is a free spirit and likes to experiment with several aspects of the digital industry. His budding career did not stop him from thinking bigger. So, in 2016, he created his own digital company called “Comply Digital Media”. The company is an independent one. It specializes in business services and company operations. The private company is based in Delhi. Its authorized capital is one lakhs, which is a healthy amount!

Complay Digital Media got its exclusive content-sharing marketing platform called “Creatorshala”. It is focused on a diverse variety of content. Blogging, lifestyle, fashion, food and other areas are given an outlet for creativity and expression right here! This helps budding and experienced creators to grow and work with their favorite brands!

Himanshu’s creative and fulfilling career arose from his interest in technology from an early age. He has become a grade-A engineer in popular electronics and communications fields. Leo’s zodiac sign proves his confident and appealing nature in his practice and personal life. Today he not only owns attractive acquisitions but is also an entrepreneur with overflowing wealth. He earns approximately USD 50,000 at present!

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