High Tech Revolution fuses fashion, art and technology in a unique pop-up gallery

NFTs are the wave of the future, many online shoppers say, but one fashionista and art enthusiast has fused all three. She meets Taylor Coleman, a renaissance artist, with a talent for design and digital verse. The versatile Coleman blends technology with fashion in an innovative design that takes the shopping experience into the stratosphere.

With NFT growing at an exorbitant rate, Coleman surely found a new wave of inspiration. She is investing her time to come up with a new vision and approach to the market. According to CoinDesk, more than $174 million has been spent on non-fungible tokens in the last five years, with digital artworks being the purchase of choice. Taylor Coleman, a visionary in the fashion world, sees the trend coming and is riding the wave to success with Greyt Scott Gallery’s pop-up shops, where customers see original artwork on the walls and in the windows. clothing designs. Greyt Scott’s Ella shows are the new must-see event in Dallas.

Customers who enjoy Taylor Coleman’s clothing line are instantly connected to her rare.com store using the QR code on their hangtags. Shoppers of Taylor Coleman t-shirts and hats now have access to his exclusive digital collection of rare Greyt Scott merchandise. This idea of ​​exclusivity has added much more to the appeal of the brand.

A maverick, innovator, futurist, and techno-philosopher, Taylor Coleman is a sought-after icon in the digital space. She has been using her experiences to make the best decisions for the business and the brand.

Taylor Coleman is making a name for herself in the digital landscape as an innovative designer with an open mind for the techno-art hybrid, saying, “NFTs are the future, and I want to make sure we’re part of that revolution.” From gold-hued bucket hats to edgy-themed t-shirts, Taylor Coleman is carving out a niche like no other. Fans of her work love the classic graffiti bomber jackets, neck gaiters and graphic tees.

Taylor Coleman says the new American classic clothing company is designed for creative millennials with timeless style. The new fall line takes clothing to the next level with augmented reality style designs. Each t-shirt contains revolutionary artwork that can be scanned into your mobile device, and the customer will instantly enjoy a 3D interface with their clothing. In fact, it will “come alive” before your eyes.

For more information, contact Taylor Coleman by email at [email protected]

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