Henny Yeshanew talks about using his community to empower and inspire his entrepreneurial journey

At the age of 24, Henok (known as Henny) Yeshanew was recently awarded a Top 40 Under 40 award, and we have a feeling his success won’t stop there. He is dedicated to leveraging his career to empower and inspire disadvantaged youth, and his entrepreneurial journey is just beginning.

Henny and his family came to Canada from Ethiopia when he was a young child. Henny, wanting to follow the steps predetermined by his parents, went to college to study to become a lawyer. It was here that he learned the importance of responsibility and how self-determination is key to being successful. He also developed a deep understanding and fascination with the business world. Wanting to excel in this area and learn more about it, he decided to start a business with the goal of helping small businesses create marketing strategies that work for them.

Still wanting to make his parents happy, Henny graduated from college, but after graduation he dedicated himself to working in his marketing business full time, doing everything from sales, customer relations, advertising, marketing marketing and whatever else was needed.

Learning the ropes

The success of Lion Marketing is because Henny understood that in order to succeed and succeed in the world of online marketing, he needed to learn and master each and every part of this business. This, in turn, allowed him to properly scale the business to what it is today – a full-service marketing company, dedicated to helping medium-to-large businesses achieve success and growth.

A year after starting their company, Henny met his business partner, Adam, and identified that Adam’s strengths lay where Henny did not, making them an excellent partnership. After starting the company in 2016 when Henny was just 20 years old, the Lion Marketing Agency has now been named a Top Marketing Agency in Ontario for 2018 and 2019.

Bringing the power back to the youth

Going forward, Henny wants to help young immigrants who may have been in a similar situation as his to realize that traditional education is not always the only or the best route to success. His goal is to create an investment company that focuses on providing capital to disadvantaged young people who may have emigrated from similar third world countries, and even create an incubator space for them to work on their ideas and possibly grow businesses.

Also on the horizon is the possible launch of a travel company with the specific objective of helping students who want to travel but cannot afford it, in order to teach them about the world, grow their passion and channel it into their own communities.

Henny has even started a dialogue with the African Commission and presented a plan to Doctors Without Borders with the intention of opening large health clinics in every hemisphere of Africa and providing free medical care to all residents of the continent.

Henny’s dedication to using his platform to bring education and value to children who grew up in situations similar to his is admirable. It serves as a good reminder for entrepreneurs to hold onto their roots, use their community to ground and empower them throughout their journey, and strive to help out in whatever way they can.

To follow Henny’s journey, check out her Instagram @hennyempowers

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