Henny Holyfield: Experiences in Parenting and Music

“I want people to recognize that life is made to be enjoyed. We all have ups and downs, and it is up to us how we take those situations and learn from them. “These are the words of Henny Holyfield, a Sacramento-based artist, radio host, husband and father. For someone who has been creating music for more than two decades, Holyfield shares his experiences, his warts and throughout his music to show people that he is not going through life alone.

Born and raised in San Jose, Henny Holyfield, formerly known as the artist Hennessey, moved to Sacramento, California, about 20 years ago. In that time, he has released two solo albums, along with a handful of other projects in which he has collaborated with other Sacramento artists, such as Dirk Dig, who created the group known as Kali Boyz with Holyfield. In addition to his music, Henny is the host of Sacramento’s The 360 ​​Radio, which has helped build his local personality and enthusiasm for his music.

Outside of his career, Holyfield takes his role as husband and father very seriously. “My biggest inspiration is my family. They keep me motivated to be the best version of myself every day. ”His relationship with his own father, which has been difficult for Holyfield to talk about, gives him the motivation to be the best father to his own three children. Family life with his career has been difficult for the Sacramento artist, but he has accomplished both with success up to this point in his career.

Henny Holyfield has a lot in store for next year. He has been working tirelessly on some joint projects with various Sacramento musicians and more solo music. Holyfield is set to have a great 2020-2021, so follow him on Facebook to keep up to date with new music.

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