These experts are disrupting leadership and challenging the status quo to build a business and a life with deep integrity and an awakened soul.

In the midst of a world fighting for control, these 4 heart-centered entrepreneurs are breaking traditional leadership paradigms that have kept women out of their bodies and disconnected from their intuition.

In the new frontier, learning and supporting each other is at the core of Female Leadership. The new standard paves the way for women to stop competing with each other and support each other.



Meet Emellita Da Silva. Its radiance emanates the magnetism of an incarnated woman.

Appearing with insight and with her body as a guide, Emellita leads her clients to find hidden self-expression and lovingly heal past trauma.

Recently, he walked away from a big business engagement while navigating the end of a long-term personal relationship. Amidst the turmoil, she was drawn to embrace the natural cycle of death and rebirth, as a catalyst for profound transformation.

Through her bodywork, Emellita is able to help other women find their way back to self-confidence.

She found a brave new way to lead by exploring the truth in herself and trusting in the cyclical nature of being a woman in leadership.

“I feel like I am constantly breaking free of who I once was. One part of this has been a massive acceptance of the process. I am no longer available to be trapped in suffering. I have experienced many leadership styles and methodologies, but through self-exploration I realized that they were not aligned with my values. I have adopted my own style, on my own terms, with what makes me feel good, while letting go of the restrictions of past beliefs!’


Glennon Doyle, author of the New York Times bestseller, UNTAMED.

Glennon Doyle says ‘You’re a fucking cheetah!’

This is the essence of Female Leadership, where women come home to themselves and their tribe. They are confidently coming out of the cage they were once held captive in!

Breaking free is not without pain. It requires a detachment that involves letting go of people, places, and things.

Entering Leadership requires honesty, vulnerability and, above all, truth. The truth about who we are, what we want, why we want it, and the biggest impact it will have on every human being we touch with our voice.

Shannon Santangelo is just one of those cheetahs, letting himself run free again.

‘When at the end of my life, I can close my eyes, knowing that I lived and led with kindness. Constantly checking in on what I’m doing, how I’m feeling, and how it’s affecting people.

‘Ask questions!’ her intuition yelled.

After losing thousands of dollars, weeks of detachment, and the most difficult time in her entrepreneurial journey to date, Shannon walked away from something that had initially given her wings.

What he realized was that his voice had become someone else’s. With his power outsourced, his self-leadership had failed.

But when her inner voice spoke, she listened.

The moment he pulled away and moved through his embarrassment, he rose with a new fervor to lead. Shannon is now driving a movement of conscious women, unafraid to question the status quo and rediscovering themselves in the process.


Shannon Rose is just doing life differently. Having packed up their little family, while 5 months pregnant with their second child, Shannon and her husband bought a one-way ticket to Europe.

His decision caused an eruption of disapproval from family and friends, who questioned his “lack of a plan”.

In her 5 years abroad, Shannon has not only found herself, she has discovered that the truth to living the sweet life lies in doing it on her own terms.

A decade of strength and conditioning training, along with the skills she gained from building a 6-figure Brick’n’Mortar business in Australia with her husband, culminated in the creation of a business and life coaching practice run by the heart, which generated over $330k in its first 2 years!

Two of the foundational pillars of Female Leadership, she says, are ‘the ability to slow down and trust the pace at which life takes you.

‘By learning to stop forcing your way in life, you will discover the difference between thinking with your mind and feeling with your intuition. It can feel insecure, especially for those who have been in a hurry and following the rigid strategy of outdated paradigms of traditional leadership. It’s a recurring theme that I’ve heard over and over again from my mentors.

Being a Leader can be a lonely road, we think and speak differently and that can trigger others. That’s why consciously selecting your circle of support and having good mentors can mean the difference between staying on the cutting edge of the conversation or going back to what’s comfortable and safe. No leader ever prevailed by playing it safe.


Angelica Pascone is a medium, a new mom, and a multidimensional healer.

He recently went through a challenging experience within a mentoring group he had invested in. Her saving grace throughout the experience was her ability to remain rooted in her Female Leadership values: “always lead with your heart. Even when things get complicated, even when things don’t seem logical, move on anyway.”

Practicing fierce emotional detachment allowed her to initiate the difficult conversations necessary for her continued growth, both personally and professionally.

“When we are in a leadership space, we can lose connection with our internal authority, and this is something that we can no longer do as women in leadership roles.”

Angelica strives to change the conversation in the online coaching industry to amplify all voices and promote deeper integrity. By opening up a safe space for female coaches to be heard, you are disrupting the widely accepted “follow the leader” mentality.

It’s time to let go of the fear of rocking the boat and start dancing on the boat!


Jennifer Kruidbos, founder and CEO of new social media app, BLAWSOME, left the corporate world to create a 6-figure online wellness business.

Their new mission is to help young teens get away from the toxic algorithms that keep them from making real connections.

“Female leadership is not what we have learned from the patriarchy, but rather embracing the parts of ourselves that, in most cases, we have pushed down.

When we own those parts, we can connect with others on a deeper, more transformative level.”

Her journey has taken her from hosting Wellness Retreats to the world of TechStars and high-end investors. It is a change that has required a new level of trust, based on the integrity and certainty of their own identity.

The transformation has allowed her to bring a new level of wisdom to the world of Female Leadership.

From going it alone and operating off the constructs of patriarchy, to self-confidence, honesty, and moving toward impact and a consciously curated community, heart-centered leadership is taking front and center for good reason. .

According to Brené Brown, Leadership is having “The courage to be vulnerable is not about winning or losing, it is about the courage to show yourself when you cannot predict or control the outcome”.

These women are doing exactly that.

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