Haya Elsamman Releases Debut Singles To Great Acclamation

By channeling the influence of acts like DJ Snake and Martin Garrix, burgeoning DJ and producer Haya Elsamman seeks to be a strong and influential female voice in the male-dominated EDM genre. After proving that she is a successful businesswoman with her work as a social media strategist, Elsamman seeks to find the same success in the music industry.

“Feelings”, the first single he released, showcases Elsamman’s dance influences, as it is a joyous and compelling track. The following singles, “Speed” and “Taste”, draw on Haya’s hip-hop influences and demonstrate his high level of versatility. Elsamman is definitely making a name for herself, as well as a compelling case for why she should be taken seriously.

Keep up with Haya Elsamman on her Instagram and stream her singles here.

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