Haris Khan Becomes the Victim of False Rumours, Find Out More

Social media Influencer, Harris Khan, has become subjected to incorrect and controversial rumours over the course of past few days. It has been published on unauthorized media outlets that he has married a model, Peta Nitka.

While the news has been circulating, Harris himself has been entirely unaware of it. He has also begun taking legal action against those, who have dared to commit such atrocities. Harris is an infamous actor and a social media influencer, who is loved by all, across the globe.

His works as well as his positive nature have been the topic of conversation amongst all commoners as well as elites in UAE. And so, coming under fire from the rumours spread based on senseless proclamations have caused him a great deal of trouble. While reading such articles, one must definitely verify their sources and ensure that the content being provided to them is of true nature.

Harris has created an exemplary image for himself, while being a resident of UAE since 2009 itself. He is known in the field for being humble, generous and extremely positive. However, taking undue advantage of such generosity is simply a crime, for which the ones responsible will surely be sued.

His production house “Haris Productions” has also built quite a goodwill in the extremely competitive industry.