Go behind the camera with Nima Samiee, a fashion photographer

“When you’re a fashion photographer, you have to inspire a dream,” says Patrick Demarchelier. Nima Samiee adds an addendum to this French fashion photographer’s dictum: “You must be inspired when you dream of being a fashion photographer,” she says. Born in Tehran, Iran, Nima currently lives in a utopia with his own creative agency based in Milan and an exquisite little studio in Paris. A fashion photographer, content creator, and video producer by trade today, Nima says he was always a photographer. Samiee has now worked in the industry for over a decade, but it was almost 12 years ago that his life took this euphoric turn and he has never looked back since.

His journey as a fashion photographer began with a modeling agency and soon his orbit lit up. Nima shot high and became an integral part of several fashion campaigns, making her way to fashion shows and galas and eventually the red carpet. Today, Nima has worked with magnificent brands such as VOGUE, L’officiel, Numéro, love magazine, etc., has worked with the world’s biggest fashion giants, and has captured filigree and iridescence at countless festivals and carpet events. red. Like Mario Sorrenti, who says he needs to see what’s going on in the person, as he’s not only interested in physical beauty, Nima also likes to engage in lively conversation with his models before capturing their essence, and so So, he ended up making friends. many supermodels he has worked with.

As of now, it has frozen in time the fashion crux of Noel Capri, Mariacarla Boscona, Bella Hadid, Alton Maison, Sofia Resing, Elizabeth Grace, Sam Asghari, Kat Graham and many other fashionable faces. With her impeccable skills, Nima has carved a niche for herself in the wide, stylish and hectic world of fashion. Currently, he is lined up for upcoming fashion weeks and festivals and a short film that is set to make a grand entrance in almost 5 months. With his creative ability, Nima is ready to conquer the world of photography, the art of freezing time into pictures, and to treat the entire world as his studio.

“You can see me struggle, but you will never see me give up,” says Mr. Samiee. When asked about any advice for aspiring photographers, he adds: “Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”

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