Gloss Network identifies “storytelling” as its growth strategy.

Leading digital media agency and content provider, Gloss, reveals its plans for how to continue to grow and succeed in the highly competitive media industry.

Gloss Network is undoubtedly a major force in the media industry, carving a niche for itself in the world of digital media with viral content and collaborations with various heavy hitters around the world. Ranked as the 7th most viewed media company in the online sphere, with its videos garnering more than 2.5 billion views per month, Gloss continues to be a major digital media brand. However, the digital media agency is not resting on its oars to increase its market share, as the company recently highlighted “storytelling” as its strategy to continue growing and succeeding in the industry.

Gloss has a reputation for building relationships with its clients and followers around the world. Unlike many social agencies that focus on monetary reward, the premium content provider and digital media agency are known for their fluency amid strict adherence to industry best practices.

The Gloss Network currently has more than 36 million followers, and the numbers are increasing day by day and more partners are joining the team. Thanks to partnerships with other brands through social exchanges, Gloss is able to reach different industries and communities, with demographics for any customer in the arts, travel, technology or food space, and beyond. Consequently, customers can take advantage of this reach to grow their brand.

According to the Gloss team, the feats accomplished can be largely attributed to their storytelling skills. “And that happens through stories, with characters and personalities. The Gloss team is made up of masterful storytellers. “

“We tell stories that demand attention, far beyond traditional marketing. In fact, the weak point of traditional advertising is our greatest strength: We create ads that don’t look like ads. We use endorsement marketing, but it’s wrapped up in entertainment with a compelling premise. And our audience is hearing our story from a trusted friend, without being rudely interrupted. “

Despite the continued growth of the company, Gloss has expressed its commitment to the principles that have helped the digital media agency reach its current status. One of the principles is the originality of the content produced. There is also the principle of gratification, in which creators, designers, artists and collaborators are paid for their efforts. Gloss also has a small, focused team with the ability to communicate with the audience and customers.

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