Gilmas, from Paris to New York

Covid-19 took its toll on the music scene, and this competitive field just got even tougher. Gilmas, a French music producer based in Brooklyn, is doing his best to find new ways to capture this unique moment. Since March 2020, he has released 3 singles on Spotify and Apple Music: Alone In New York, Sogno D’Italia and Nervous Lockdown, different versions of this strange vibe we are experiencing.

In a previous life, Gilmas was a professor of philosophy at Paris-La Sorbonne, but eventually his passion for music took over and he decided to turn his life around. Even if he started playing the piano at the age of 12, becoming a singer-songwriter and music producer was a huge challenge: ‘I had to become familiar with technology and master skills I didn’t even know existed!’ Gilmas says. He wrote about his journey on the EP Starting Over that he released in 2019, with tracks like You Crazy You, where the narrator talks to the man he used to be.

He moved to New York 4 years ago, which for him was a dream come true. In his Williamsburg music studio, this early riser (he says he usually starts his days around 6 am), works on every part of the creative process. He is grateful to this digital age for empowering music producers: ‘Working with samples, loops, programming beats and adding some acoustic instruments played live, puts you in control of every element of your song. It is time consuming and sometimes overwhelming, but always rewarding,” he says.

You can follow Gilmas on Instagram (link mentioned below)


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