Getting outside in the sun has never been more popular post-pandemic and BYROKKO is here to save your skin and give you the glowing tan you deserve.

Born from a dream of two lovers of tanning, the BYROKKO brand emerged five years ago and was inspired by the creation of a natural and quality product for people, being completely free of animal cruelty, vegan and without chemicals or harmful formulas. Their products are designed to help you achieve a natural tan with next-level hydration, skin replenishment, and a healthy glow, and they’re made in Europe.

BYROKKO has amassed a following of over 150k people on their Instagram page alone, showcasing the brands social media presence and power online.

“Shine Brown” was created to help people tan faster with less time in the sun and achieve better tanning results than ever before. Thanks to the ShineBrown formula, the skincare benefits and the boosting effect of extreme tanning come together to result in a beautiful, glowing bronzed tan and healthy skin.

To celebrate the brand’s fifth anniversary, they released “THE ORIGINALS” pack which includes all three versions of their famous “SHINE BROWN”. With one of the highest review scores among cosmetic products, Shine Brown cream is a best seller that has sold out multiple times. Since its launch, its tropical-scented fragrance has been rated 5/5 each year. Shine Brown Oil, the second in the Originals pack, is the oily version of the highly rated cream. With its aroma of tropical fruits and orange, the oil leaves people speechless with its power to darken the skin in a 100% natural way. For those who prefer SPF tanning oils, there is the third product in the Originals trio, Shine Brown Peach Oil with SPF 6 protection. Colorless and completely stain-free, this product penetrates the skin in seconds and provides a perfect natural tan.

The company highlights how its products are superior to others by always emphasizing the quality of its products: “We wanted people to be as excited about premium cosmetics as we are. We wanted to offer something different, something better, the best in the market”, he says about the companies.

In addition to the renowned Shine Brown products, BYROKKO used its creativity and excellence in creating the best high-quality products to introduce a new line of self-tanning so people can maintain the perfect silky tan all year round.

Check them out for yourself: or on Instagram @byrokko

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