German Orkan Doganci, also known as JustOrkan, rises to the top as a self-made restorer.

Doganci shows that faith and hard work go hand in hand, helping to forge a successful journey for any entrepreneur.

Who doesn’t love or crave good food? Well, almost everyone has our own fantasies when it comes to exquisite cuisine and we always want to satisfy that search and hunger for good food by trying many varied dishes and gastronomic creations exploring various restaurants around the world. This is a big dream that many of us have when it comes to exploring the world of great and delicious dishes. To bring us closer to our visions and promise to satisfy our hunger for good food, meets Germany’s leading restaurateur, Orkan Doganci.

Born on February 25, 1981 in Troisdorf, Germany, Doganci belongs to a Turkish immigrant family and the only thing that has always excited and interested him since childhood was food and entrepreneurship. Therefore, in his early teenage years to fulfill his quest to do something in the food business and begin his journey, he began working in the kitchen of his father’s restaurant. The love that Doganci had naturally from the beginning can be attributed to his father, who owned many small restaurants in Germany. Learning the basics from his father and gaining more experience gave him a lot of confidence to start his own food business in the future.

For his food expedition, Doganci began his journey to travel to various parts of the world after completing his school. This decision was to understand the different cultures, varieties, cuisines, etc. of food around the world. Understanding the food business gave him new impetus and made him realize his purpose. This caused him to move to London when he was still in his early 30s. After following and understanding the structure of the food business and how it works in the UK, he, together with his two business partners, finally opened a “Bosporus” restaurant, moving to Dubai. This restaurant has since made a name for itself as the best and most prominent Turkish restaurant chain in Dubai.

Doganci never had to look back after this and went ahead to open another restaurant called “Fahham” in Istanbul. The restaurateur and entrepreneur is also looking to open another restaurant in the US With this, he has already opened several restaurants in Germany over the years.

What’s even more surprising about Doganci is that, in addition to being a leading restaurateur, he has shown an interest in being an investor as well, with the aim of supporting startups.

The good news is that soon Doganci would also be restarting all of his restaurants, which had been closed due to the pandemic. It would reopen its food spaces with all security, social distancing and protection measures for staff and customers; this would give customers the opportunity to re-savor their favorite dishes at all of their restaurants.


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