Gabriel Terreal talks about financial education and generational wealth

Gabriel Terreal, a finance expert and mentor, is known for guiding people with his expertise in financial freedom.

Based in Georgia, Gabriel is a financial educator and mentor. His journey has been a learning curve from all the wrong recommendations he was given, to self-study and then sharing his acquired financial wisdom with others. He is eager to share all the pros and cons of financial freedom and has also published a book to educate people on financial freedom. He started his company about a year ago. He started out on his own because he had heard enough people give him and others incorrect financial advice. So he finally came up with a solution to take it on himself, to educate people about financial freedom.

Financial Freedom. Well, it could be as simple as the term, the freedom one could have from working hard for a day job and the constant need to earn money to survive. However, Gabriel goes further. You are teaching people about the power of credit, financing, life insurance, cryptocurrencies, real estate, options trading, e-commerce, and much more.

Your book and business

The book ‘How to avoid financial birds of prey’ talks about generational wealth. These can be assets, including real estate, bonds, or any other investment. Gabriel wants to empower people so that they can achieve what they decide to do in their life. His trademark name, like the title of his book, was titled “How to Avoid Financial Birds of Prey” to literally prevent people from falling prey to incorrect financial advice.

Although Gabriel came up with this business idea about a year ago, the groundwork had already been laid about a decade ago. Because a decade ago, he started helping others build and grow their own businesses, regardless of the size of the business.

Your goal

‘Protect your nest’ is what Gabriel teaches others and follows as his own personal motto. He believes that a person should protect his finances not only for himself, but also for the future generation, turning it into generational wealth.

For this, Gabriel is always there to inspire his clients and followers so that they can reach their full potential. Your goal is also to enlighten your readers. He believes that readers will be able to extract wisdom and insight into financial freedom from the book. He also hopes that whoever approaches him or crosses his book, will be enlightened and empowered to continue working towards the goal he wants to achieve.

His approach

Gabriel has designed the entire learning module in such a way that “How to Avoid Financial Birds of Prey” will be a series of books, similar to Black’s dictionary, but this one is for financial understanding. In fact, he believes that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be in life. And therefore, he does not believe in giving any advice to anyone about it, because for him, divine timing is always at stake.

Their observation provides an intuition that they are not doing enough. According to him, they are not sharing everything! All colleagues and competitors do is share the minimum necessary to capture the attention of the audience. Gabriel doesn’t want to work like this.

Reach your full potential with Gabriel’s help in financial counseling and guidance.

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