Future Vision: Next Steps for Streamer and Creator Hamzah Saadah AKA Absorb

Anticipating opportunities and new growth is essential to building a personal brand. This ability has allowed Hamzah Saadah, known as Absorb, to establish himself in the gaming and broadcast industries. He began his career in entertainment by playing the Qanun (an Arabic instrument), doing card magic, vlogging, and soon moved to games when his other avenues did not produce growth. His Fortnite and Minecraft streaming and social media presence has amassed more than 8 million followers. Although he currently primarily posts game videos, he plans to add more real-life content very soon.

Discussing his future plans in an interview, Absorber also revealed his plans to expand his impact on games. “I think one of my next big moves would have to be to start my own game organization. I haven’t mentioned this anywhere before, but it may or may not already be in the works. “It is this area that has generated the most growth for his brand; as he explained,” I just waste my time on whatever game I’m playing, and people find it very entertaining. I’m also very good at whatever game I play, so I feel like that has something to do with why people really enjoy my content. I also do voice impressions, and I love showing that on my videos, as people really love to see that. “

The results Absorber has produced, along with his personality, are what he believes will allow him to build relationships with clients as he expands. Absorber relates: “One of the most important things that helped me build the trust of my clients is respecting their time and they respect my time. I honestly feel that this is very important. Plus, I don’t just talk, I do it too and give them exactly what I said I would give them, if not more. ”The right attitude, coupled with a great work ethic, has led Absorber to this point and will successfully lead him to your next steps and subsequent plans.

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