From launching an online business at 17 to earning over $100k per month; Nathan Nazareth’s journey is inspiring

From a young age, Nathan Nazareth knew he was cut out for the world of online business. He launched his first business, a social media marketing agency at the ripe old age of 17. He today earns $100,000 a month from the comfort of his home through 3 online businesses.

While on the surface, Nathan’s success may seem like a fluke, but the truth is that for Nathan it was about having a vision and stopping at nothing to achieve his goals. He runs his agency along with a thriving YouTube channel and e-commerce brand.

When Nathan was asked about how he got started, he shared, “Being broke sucks. I couldn’t afford to go out on the weekend and was barely getting by on all my part-time income going straight to tuition, books, food, leaving nothing for entertainment. Naturally, I started scouring the internet for side activities and came across social media marketing. From there, I developed a wealth of knowledge and skills that allowed me to thrive in the ever-changing digital world.”

He then continued, “I generated over $70,000 for one of my clients in a single week and that’s when I knew I had to start my own e-commerce brand and sell physical and digital products to the mass market. I started to focus my attention on Dropshipping; the easiest way to get started with e-commerce and well, the rest is history”

By the age of 18, Nathan had generated multiple six figures with dropshipping and e-commerce. At 19, he began teaching others how to do the exact same thing through his rapidly growing social media channels, including Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tiktok.

Mr Nazareth said he never wanted to have what ‘everyone else was planning to have’ because he refused to settle for ‘normal’. Sharing his vision, he said, “After seeing all these young people like me earning six figures online through various businesses, I began to study every move they made that got them to where they are. I knew they weren’t any ‘smarter’ or more ‘talented’ than me, and with hard work and consistency I could soon be in their place.”

Nathan was determined to reach for the stars and his mission was to find success in the digital world. Now just 20 years old, Nathan manages his 3 thriving businesses and seeks to help as many people as possible start generating their first source of income in the digital world.

He sums it up this way: “E-commerce and digital marketing have given me true financial freedom, buying my dream car – Tesla Model Y Performance, traveling with family and friends, and no longer having to worry about my bank account balance. . I really wish this kind of freedom for everyone and I will not stop documenting my story on Youtube explaining exactly how I got to where I am today and how I am nothing special, I just made a decision and I stood my ground.”

You can follow Nathan Nazareth on Instagram @nathanazareth

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