Fresh artist for the ILY scene is really taking his career to new heights in 2021

Caleb Hutchison, who goes by the stage name ILY Truly, was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and is a promising independent artist looking to make his mark in the music industry. He used to listen to his favorite artists as a kid and wanted to make music like them one day, but could never raise the money to make it happen. Determined to change that, he was able to save up and buy his first computer after a few years of hard work.

After getting her gear and working on her sound as an artist, ILY Truly knew she was going to have to make moves and reach out to other artists to grow. As a result, he met his band, formally known as “Death Rose”, who came together as independent artists to create something unique. The group would go on to achieve great things, but ILY Truly decided it was time for him to work on his own.

“After doing show after show in town, I started doing more in Wisconsin and eventually other states, traveling to California for the first time or my first shows in Chicago winning acting competitions and eventually opening a sold-out show with Bone Thugs. -N-Harmony, headlining shows with Serena Isioma, being on YSN Flow’s first tour and even performing in Denver with Lil Say Osama, “says Truly.

Currently blessed and motivated beyond belief, ILY Truly is excited to see where the next chapter of his life takes him. He plans to go into the music industry in full force and leave it all up for grabs. With the second half of 2021 underway, look for the ILY Truly name to start popping up a lot more. He has a lot in store and is eager to make his dreams come true.

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