Freelance artist Leek Mali plans to launch many new music projects

An independent artist, Leek Mali is a rising star in the music world and is working to release creative music for his listeners. At just 21 years old, Leek Mali has set his feet in the music industry with his creative works. He recently released a mosaic music video over 400 years old, which is gaining success and also plans to create many new music projects.

Leek Mali is from Prince Georges County, Maryland and has been associated with music since childhood. He used to play the Alta saxophone while in his elementary and middle school, Benjamin D. Foulois CPAA. He has always tried to bring something new to his music to allow others to live through his music.

The young artist has struggled a lot in his life but has worked with many music producers to further advance his music career. Leek Mali loves to evoke many human emotions and feelings through the sounds of his music and words.

Popular as “Child of God in Disguise”, the rap artist is planning to release his new album, “Next to Godhood – EP”, which is about a being who lives alongside the life of whatever is called “Godiness” . And he’s also going to present a play about his alter-ego “Child of God in Disguise.” Apart from this, Leek Mali is also working on his music project, “The Revenge to KiLL Moe”.

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