Freedom of form: the sound behind country singer Colton Graves

Folsom, California, saw the upbringing of country singer Colton Graves. A truck singing childhood with his grandfather Lloyd gave Colton an introduction to country music as authentic as it sounds. From there, he cultivated his interest in his father’s guitar and the six-track recorder that gave him his beginnings in songwriting and recording.

The discovery and signing by the Extreme Music / Sony ATV label after years of programming has provided Colton with the platform to release his first EP, which debuted recently and is titled “Smile for me.” This project was supported by a team supporting Colton, including his producer and fellow musician Aaron Kaplan and sound engineer Ryan Johnson. He explained in a recent interview what he hopes fans will take away from listening to his music. “I just want them to get that feeling of ‘going out to the field’ that I have when I listen to the country,” he said.

This lighthearted attitude follows Colton in his day-to-day singing, songwriting, and recording. He stated that a typical day in his place includes “writing music and drinking tequila. Besides, I give my pug George a lot of baths because he always smells like Frito ”.

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