Freedom Capital is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and investors around the world with alternative mortgages.

It’s a story as old as time: Major banks prioritize corporations and massive brands that can support your loan application with net income and strong credit history. Banks gladly associate themselves with the biggest players, ignoring entrepreneurs and investors who often have better proposals and ideas without that same huge net income statistic. After multiple attempts to get the banks to listen, these entrepreneurs end up abandoning an idea that could have changed the world.

This very scenario is one that Freedom Capital founder Pip Dhaliwal witnessed while working as a mortgage officer at a Big 5 bank. He saw the need in the financial market for alternative solutions after seeing frustrated clients being overlooked by a fully employed clientele. Strict guidelines and red tape made getting access to loans no easy task for the motivated entrepreneur, which is why Pip decided to do something about it.

“Traditional institutions only look at credit history and net income, rather than the actual customer history and potential,” Pip said. “Worse yet, they limit the client to just one or two projects, making it that much more advantageous to large corporations ready to throw out monetary numbers that just can’t be beat. It’s time for entrepreneurs and investors to get access to quick and easy money so they can invest in the future of their dream and vision. That is exactly what Freedom Capital offers our clients today.”

Freedom Capital specializes in alternative mortgages, helping clients navigate difficult and challenging scenarios that they normally face alone. Plus, the firm provides sound advice every step of the way, helping to educate clients about hidden fees and lengthy contracts that can thwart their plans before they even get started.

Freedom Capital’s unique products cater to those borrowers who don’t fit into today’s conventional financing box, to multi-million dollar commercial and construction loans needed to make a vision a reality. By approaching each unique case study with innovative creativity and working with the client every step of the way, Freedom Capital is committed to seeing clients not as a number, but as real, motivated entrepreneurs with goals that can change the world.

“These are people who need an advocate on their side,” Pip said. “They’ve been turned down more times than they can count, which is why they want a platform that has their back and tells them about hidden costs, compound fees, and long contract terms. We provide solutions for quick closings while helping clients feel comfortable throughout the process. That is our commitment to those who deserve it.”

Freedom Capital specializes in financing difficult businesses and providing backup financing options for clients. They are considered true specialists in alternative and commercial financing, which distinguishes them from general mortgage brokerage. The team lives and breathes this unique line of financing, so their 20+ years of experience in this niche industry makes them the most formidable and qualified team in all of Canada. As a national alternative mortgage company and the only one in the country of Canada dedicated to commercial mortgages, Freedom Capital is excited about what the future holds for its platform.

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