Former prosecutor Camara Mintz shares his top 3 ways to save your driver’s license after a DUI

Camara Mintz, a native of Washington, is a founding partner of Gracia & Mintz Attorneys At Law. His passion for the criminal justice system is seen in his unique professional experiences. Over the years, he has been involved in thousands of cases as a law enforcement office and as a former prosecutor.

Camara’s perspective provides you with crucial insight when preparing your cases; it is knowledge that is rare to find in other attorneys. Due to his experience, Camara is motivated to aggressively defend the rights of his clients.

“It’s a shame that so many people have no idea what their rights are, but that’s why I’m here to help,” says Camara. “My job is to help people protect their future, freedom and liberty no matter what.”

To help, Camara shares her top 3 ways to save your driver’s license after a DUI.

1) Give less evidence on the original jersey.

“Give them fewer leads or probable cause for the arrest. In each arrest report, officers generally say that the driver’s breath emits an odor and that the driver has glowing or bloodshot eyes. They use these observations as part of the probable cause for their arrest. If you are not talking, they are less likely to smell alcohol on their breath. Don’t even talk to them, give them your insurance, and don’t answer any of the probing questions. They do it to catch you off guard, so they have evidence to use against you in court. ”

2) Refuse the field sobriety test

“If an officer thinks you may be incapacitated, they will ask you to take a field sobriety test. In most states, they are volunteers and there are some who do. But I always advise against submitting to them because their observations can be used as probable cause for your arrest and can be used against you in court. There may be some collateral consequences if you refuse, but they usually do not involve losing your freedom. In Maryland, you could go to jail for a year, get 12 points on your license, and receive a hefty fine if convicted of DUI. ”

3) Hire a defense attorney

“You’re going to want to hire a defense attorney because if you get a DUI in Maryland, you are usually hit with reckless and negligent driving, and the MVA can suspend your license. Those are two different consequences that you have to deal with. One is from his DUI case in criminal traffic court, and the other is from his MVA hearing. ”

If you, a friend or family member need legal help, contact Camara today. It is always best to have an experienced attorney on your side to protect your future. Contact him and learn more through his Instagram:

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