First African-American director of listing of a publicly traded company does it again

Chris Cole, President and Founder of BWO Academy Shares Real Financial Information to Build Generational Wealth

BWO Academy’s reason to persist

Chris Cole is a global entrepreneur, president and founder of the BWO Academy, along with nine other companies and counting. What is a bridge on wealth opportunities? If you want to connect with over 4,200 like-minded, smart, helpful and focused people with the same motivation to earn money through financial investments and tax savings, BWO Academy is the place.

This is a promising initiative for the black community where they can access the world of BWO and be inspired to become members of the order. Chris shares: “The idea of ​​more than one successful independent company coming together for a common goal is something that was generally not known until BWO was established. Our members have sold and built million dollar companies and many different industries, so their understanding of launching and winning brands will help anyone truly looking to succeed, win. ‘

This academy has helped many people understand the financial learning of the trade by turning difficult concepts into easy-to-understand ideas. They offer a roadmap and 12-month plan so that you can build your family structure for generations to come. Financial lessons are uniquely perceived and implemented by people, causing them to produce different successful outcomes. This shows how our thinking pattern can perceive ideas and generate different results in the financial world.

President: a main merchant

Chris Cole is the President, Founder, and Lead Operator of the profitable 1% Trading Club. This club was created with the ambition to teach new and seasoned financial enthusiasts how to create a better lifestyle through trading financial markets. Chris shares: ‘Just the first week and people’s mindsets will start to change.’

Chris has more than a decade of experience in the financial markets. He is a leader in the retail industry and is a passionate teacher as he discusses topics such as legacy building and financial freedom. Chris along with his team has decided to merge their best intellectual properties to create a super company with a mission and change the narrative of the black family.

Chris’s transparency and clarity in his actions and results is quite impressive and impressive. The level of integrity you operate at can help many finance enthusiasts grow with the right mentorship and guidance. The market is now awaiting the launch of the first new cryptocurrency and black-owned currency exchange and an NFT platform by Chris.

Chris shares with millennials: ‘The idea for the company came to me in the middle of the pandemic, when people needed help the most. Don’t beat yourself up for not being successful, this happens over time! The pain of failure doesn’t always last and you will eventually get over each incident, letting it be a learning one day. ‘

One can become a member of BWO Academy through a simple process by logging into the website. If you still want to join, visit their website and sign up.

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