Find out how Brother Ben X helped 21 Years Young King Randall earn $ 47k in a single month using the Brother Ben X Digital Real Estate program

If the term ‘Digital Real Estate’ is unfamiliar to you, then it may be time for you to familiarize yourself with the term. Brother Ben X’s digital real estate program is changing the game and helping young and old people around the world earn thousands of dollars monthly on their social media accounts by focusing on passive impact. Are you a young entrepreneur with a business idea? Or maybe you’re someone who has a 9 to 5 job and is passionate about sports, business, fashion, food, or even music? With an understanding of how Digital Real Estate works, you can transform your hobby and personal interests into a side hustle and create a monthly stream of income from your phone at home.

For King Randall, founder of ‘The X for Boys’ (a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and mentoring young children), this was definitely the case. Randall, a 21-year-old from Albany Georgia with a mission to help transform the boys in his community into young men, has been using Digital Real Estate to build his empire online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Since taking the course, he has not looked back. With much enthusiasm, the young man declared in an interview with brother Ben X and Jake Tayler Jacobs: “I literally control my own paycheck… there is no age. [restriction] to earn money ”. After enrolling in the Digital Real Estate course earlier this year, Randall has managed to transform his life and the lives of many people around him, all thanks to the program. One of his biggest accomplishments with his program was teaching a boy how to make $ 800 in two days. When Randall was asked what he found most valuable about the digital real estate program, the young man replied that he was most impressed with the ‘consistency’ and speed with which new and more valuable content was added to the course each time he entered his course profile at no additional cost. He found that he could fuel his entrepreneurial curiosity due to the continuous updates made to the program, which introduced new methods and content for the student to study.

So how did it all start for the young man? After going viral with a single video on his personal Facebook account with just 2,000 followers, Randall was able to monetize his video and found that his Twitter account had exploded with nearly 5,000 new followers in the space of two days. Since then, she has been able to raise a combined $ 24k in donations from Paypal and GofundMe alone, which she plans to put towards a new school building for her children.

The Digital Real Estate course is debunking the old social media myth that it takes hundreds of thousands of followers to create a viable income stream. King Randall has shown that with just a combined following of 9000 people on Instagram and Twitter, one can literally reach thousands of viewers around the world who are willing to invest in his vision. Could you be this person? If you are someone with a skill or talent to influence or teach others, then you may be among the hundreds who have started using the Digital Real Estate course to create multiple streams of income online.

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