Farshad Silent, the first Iranian streamer to attend the Twitch festival in Sweden, broke audience records among the Iranian community.

Farshad Silent, an Iranian streamer, has appeared on the game’s live broadcast with other popular streamers.

This young Iranian streamer announced that he would soon break his record and that he is going to set a new record.

His videos suddenly got a lot of views and made him the first Iranian streamer with +700,000 viewers watching the video live.

His Instagram account is also active with almost 500K followers and thousands of viewers and comments on each of his videos.

His funny videos attract a large number of people of different ages.

Farshad fans love him and always show their support.

His fans who watch his YouTube channel know that he is a great streamer and also an athlete, but what they may not know is that Farshad was chosen for playing pool as a member of the national team at the age of 18, which shows you are successful. it is part of his personality since he was a teenager.

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