“Falling in love with the word no” with Hollywood actor Xavier Dean

People take the word “no” with such discomfort and disappointment. People like to receive agreements based on their efforts. You could work really hard to get something, and when you showcase your work, people don’t accept it with the same energy that you put into it. Most people don’t realize that life has more no’s than yes: experiences begin with the job search hurdle, disapproved loans, and the submission of business proposals that are rejected numerous times. This disapproval only means that a particular path destined for you is ahead, an opportunity where you can fully exploit your potential and grow.

This major Hollywood actor, Xavier Dean, fell in love with the word no and used it as motivation to achieve all of his goals in life.

Who exactly is Xavier Dean?

Xavier is a successful entrepreneur whose business has accumulated more than $ 300 million in sales annually. However, he made the transition to film and television following his passion. What contributes to his successful acting endeavors is embracing his business, personal branding and relationship building knowledge and implementing it in the world of Hollywood. Others include his focus, training, and mindset, which have helped Xavier land several feature films in his first year of business.

Fall in love with the word no

How do you come to love rejections? The reality is that life offers more no than yes. Now that I think about it; if it were easier to win deals, there would be no market bridge. They would all be rich, and yes, we would be working towards the same, and we need that diversity according to our different capabilities to ensure that the economy is saturated. If you are one of those who give up when they reject you, you will live stagnant.

Xavier takes no as a learning opportunity, and grows out of it. Xavier developed a mindset to use criticism as an “opinion” only to measure the bar rather than the final answer. That has contributed to his great achievement. They have prompted him to indulge in training and change his perspectives and approach to deal with things. This feature sets it apart.

Xavier got to where he is today through the art of self-love. Being your own big supporter is also advice for dealing with criticism and not. He advises not to let anyone clap you louder or cheer you up more than yourself. Through self-sabotage or surrender, it only shrinks its wings, that is, its ability to fly higher.


It would help anyone to take no’s as an opportunity to grow, to keep pushing for the best deals. The best way to deal with them is not to strive to be your best version. A yes is your legitimate chance.

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