Exclusive: Willy Wonka, Devin Caherly and Tati set up Content House in Los Angeles

With the rise of the video sharing app Tik Tok, “content houses” have become a huge part of social media. These houses are basically a physical space where popular creators can meet and shoot videos for their rigs. Content houses are fun and upbeat places for Tik Tokers to meet new people, engage in collaborations, and keep their fans wanting more. The opportunity to be listed in one of these houses is too good to pass up by most influencers, and a new content house may appear soon.

In a recent chat with Tik Toker Devin Caherly, he told us a little secret: Devin Caherly, Tati Mitchell, and Willy Wonka (Duke Depp) are starting their own content house. Like the Hype House and Sway House, the new house will be a place for these 3 popular influencers to live the Los Angeles lifestyle and create content together. With over 20 million combined followers on Tik Tok, the 3 influencers have a huge audience looking forward to this collaboration.

The house will definitely be an interesting mix of content. Devin Caherly is best known for his POV and acting videos featuring dramatic scenes, lip syncing, and often lighthearted comedy. His fans adore him, and they especially love watching him with Tati Mitchell. Tati is best known for her sincere personality, hilarious duets, and her ability to make her fans laugh with each new post. The two create unforgettable content together and have become Tik Tok’s favorite virtual relationship: Tevin.

Willy Wonka will also be joining the house and bringing a unique creative energy to the table. Best known for his ability to dress up and act as the famous character Willy Wonka, 19-year-old creator Duke Depp creates adorable content for all ages. His videos often feature his funny dances, his impersonations, and duets with other popular creators. Since starting his Tik Tok account in May 2020, Depp has already amassed over 11 million followers by bringing his Willy Wonka character to life, and he never fails to make his fans smile.

While Devin, Tati, and Willy Wonka are a diverse group of personalities, there is no doubt that this collaboration will bring fun, comical, and upbeat content to the Tik Tok community. There is no official date for when the three creators will finally be in their content house, but you can expect to see them together soon. Stay tuned to their social media for more information and stay tuned for this exciting threesome!

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