Everything you need to learn and understand about hair transplants at Lakewood Ranch

You don’t have to live with thinning hair, eyebrows, or even beards, especially if it negatively affects your well-being. Specialists can be of assistance, such as Dr. Martin Maag at Lakewood Ranch, who is an expert in hair transplantation. It offers platelet rich plasma and advanced Neograft hair transplantation technology to give you a full head of hair you can admire.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplants involve Neograft’s advanced technology to help thicken your hair effectively without using donor transplants. Donor transplants are taken from different sections of your scalp and placed in the area of ​​baldness. The healthcare team and hair transplant specialists provide a proprietary pro-growth FUE blend that is responsible for giving you the smoothest, most natural hairline. They also perform hair transplants to give you a fuller beard, mustache, eyebrows or sideburns. The above procedure is beneficial for people with fine or patchy facial hair.

Is the hair transplant right for you?

The doctor or hair transplant specialist begins by reviewing your medical history to help determine if the pro-growth combination FUE hair transplant is right for you. Then he examines your hair and asks you about the desired result. The doctor also offers advice and support to help you choose the hair restoration procedure that suits your needs. The facility also offers some prescription medications to help you with your hair.

What happens during a hair transplant?

You should expect the following during hair transplantation with NeoGraft:

Donor waxing

During this procedure, the doctor removes thick, healthy follicles from the back of the scalp. After carefully removing the hair, the follicle will be placed in the bald area. Your doctor must be very interested in making sure that the collected hair follicles do not fall out naturally or are susceptible to baldness with DHT.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Specialists use follicular unit extraction to remove hair follicle units and group them according to their length and diameter, in addition to making an incision to remove entire strips of hair and scalp. It is a technique that ensures that you do not get a scar.

Recipient site creation

Site creation involves preparing hair loss areas for hair transplantation. There is no need to worry about the hairline. Hair restoration design depends on your unique goal and hairline. Your doctor and graft specialist will discuss the procedure in detail. The operation cannot begin without agreeing on the design with which you are comfortable.

Hair graft placement

Hair graft placement involves placing the grafts at the recipient site. However, the grafts are first bathed in a cold, medical-based solution to ensure that they remain healthy during placement. They are typically placed in an artistic design on bald or thinning hair suites to ensure they produce smooth, natural-looking results.

PRP injections

The doctor usually takes a blood sample from your arm. Blood is spread in a centrifuge to obtain highly concentrated platelets to optimize and stimulate hair regrowth. Platelets play an essential role in improving your body’s ability to regenerate cells.

If your hair loss or thinning makes you feel inferior or less attractive, visit or call Honest Hair Restoration today for more information.

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