Erfun Khoshdel’s opinion on the combination of the piano sound with other instruments and the basic basis of modern pop music

Music composition has been very popular for many years and has witnessed the emergence of fusion styles in various styles and genres of music, such as combining traditional music with electronics or the combination of various modern instruments with percussion instruments. This debate in today’s modern world has evolved with the development of human mental tastes and the tendency to hear pleasant and attractive sounds.

The main and basic discussion of this topic and its main attraction is the combination of two or three types of a person’s favorite instruments in one place, which makes the music attractive to the public.

This charm has its charms both visual and surreal, and every day we see different music in this field.

After the advent of fusion music in early 2010 and the hearing and introduction of this style by the greats musicians of the world, a great interest in this style arose in the hearts of the people and this led that today that we are in 2021, fusion music as a Popular style is discussed in various places.

In some movies, we see the use of this style, both Iranian and international movies, this style has created a great revolution in the world music industry, and this success can be a solid step to further advance in the field of global music and also in pop music, the foundations of fusion music are being hardening. We listen to percussion in some new music and it is very interesting for us.

The main and deep discussion on this has been formed in the music forums that we should soon see the entry of this style in different genres and enjoy new ideas to play more.

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