Epic Systems: the future of home automation and epic sound systems

Epic Systems is a full-service residential and commercial electronics design and integration company based in Randolph, NJ. Specializing in smart home technology that is becoming increasingly popular with business owners and consumers, Epic Systems is poised to deliver all real-time home and office automation solutions.

Understanding that home technology can enhance the safety, comfort, and convenience of any home environment, Epic Systems has transformed into a one-stop shop for home automation, helping families around the world to enjoy style. of life of the XXI century. That’s why the team can help with home audio, TV mounting, security systems, smart lighting, climate control, outdoor intercom systems, the list goes on.

Epic Systems can also support older homes that want to add a new level of technology and security to the facility. As founder Joseph Caravella always states, “We can run cables to support the latest technology, while installing speakers, switches, and other technology hubs that make technology possible in any environment.”

Joe also echoed that one of the hottest requests right now is voice control, which can reduce the time indoors to turn appliances on and off, as well as provide a more relaxed environment for seniors. and people living with disabilities. The Epic Systems team is certified in Josh.ai expertise, which means they can install a voice control system that is designed primarily as a smart home device. But unlike other devices on the market, Josh focuses on privacy, so personal information is encrypted and protected from potential breaches.

Our beginnings

Founded as a security installation company by co-founder Joseph Caravella, Epic Systems has grown into a complete technology company with a team of designers, engineers and installers working closely with all customers to meet their needs. Whether a customer needs an upgraded WiFi connection installed, a home theater system in the home, or IoT connectivity, Epic Systems is ready to answer the call.

Amid the 2020 pandemic, which shed light on the need for seamless internet connectivity, Epic Systems stepped up to provide high-speed internet that could support all family members and their school requirements, labor and community. With a high demand for video conferencing, streaming audio and video, and multiple Internet connections, the Epic Systems team did everything possible to ensure that everyone could thrive during one of the most challenging times in our nation’s history.

Who we are: Joseph Caravella and Stharling Toribio

Joseph and Stharling are passionate technology gurus, installation experts, and safety specialists who share a passion for making smart technology as accessible as possible to people across the country. They have big plans for where they want to take the Epic Systems team into the future.

As a testament to their passion, the Epic Systems workplace includes a 3,000 square foot state-of-the-art certified showroom and design center where customers can experience the latest home technology products before making a purchase. final.

It is an advantage that many other home automation equipment does not offer today.

Our mission

Provide cutting-edge, agile, and easy-to-use smart home and office technology to enhance the safety, comfort, and convenience of our customers in New Jersey and beyond.

For more information, visit epicsystems.tech

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