Entrepreneurial Heroine, Tumeko Allen: Everything You Should Know

With an array of entrepreneurial careers in fitness, real estate and recent talk of launching some fresh music, Tumeko Allen has recently been the talk of the town. She has been in the real estate industry for well over 15 years, simultaneously she worked as a fitness trainer for over 20 years. Her experience as well as her dedication to her art have brought her immense success in the respective fields.

She has worked as a real estate agent for artists like Ne-Yo and has launched her own clothing line that includes sportswear such as leggings, sports bras, swimwear, waistbelts and sweatbelts, but also jackets, trendy sneakers and a lot of other appealing accessories. Her shoe company ‘The Butterfly Trainers’ have also been immensely successful.

Her Instagram accounts namely @butterflyrealtyco, @bodybyshowtime and @bfas.shop have amassed several followers. She frequently updates her accounts with new and exciting content and inspires her followers to work hard and aspire to be as successful as she is. She has recently announced that she has taken up songwriting and singing and her very first EP will be available in Spring 2023.

Born and brought up in Georgia, USA, Tumeko Allen has served as an inspiration for a lot of people throughout the world. Her dedication to learn and to adapt herself and upgrade her skills based on the field that she participates in has encouraged numerous people to idolize her. She has worked on innumerable projects in the last few years. A diverse range indeed which covers being in the top five of Atlanta’s Celebrity Real Estate Agents to being a Natural Pro Bikini Athlete who has ranked no.1 in several of the categories.

Tumeko Allen’s achievements are no easy feat. Her hard work and perseverance have shown through as a beacon of all that’s to come.

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