Entrepreneur Waheed Al Marzooqi’s innate experience, sheer courage and determination have helped him achieve astonishing success.

Protecting the UAE and raising awareness of cybersecurity threats have made Waheed Al Marzooqi the go-to name in the field of information security.

Developing a career out of sheer determination and determination never goes out of style. Come on in, Waheed Al Marzooqi, who with his innate experience, technical knowledge, and passion for protecting information security, has become a force to be reckoned with. Waheed Al Marzooqi hails from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is the CEO of Technical Support Company. Marzooqi, since childhood, has been curious about the information security field. He was mesmerized by the concept of ethical hacking and gained solid technical knowledge about it. He began his career as an information security expert in 2006, solving cases of electronic account theft and electronic extortion.

Marzooqi had the awareness and vision to also gain experience in the field of smart devices, something that has boomed in the last 7-8 years. Marzooqi conducted extensive experiments and research in the field before starting as a professional. Before joining the cybersecurity field, Marzooqi wrote articles for newspapers and has also conducted television interviews on satellite channels.

He has also been at the forefront of giving it back to society, providing technical services to those most in need, free of charge, and doing a lot of humanitarian work. Marzooqi’s courage and determination to succeed in the field of cybersecurity led him to solve more than a thousand cases of cybersecurity failures, thefts, including famous Arabs, prominent personalities, artists.

Marzooqi has gradually made a name for himself in the United Arab Emirates and all the Gulf countries. He is the foremost security expert in the Arab world, a keen observer of cybersecurity trends and updates his approach when necessary. Marzooqi was born in 1989 and, at such a young age, he reached the top of the mountain by becoming the head of the Technical Support Company. He has led the company to extremely high levels of success and has also protected his nation from external threats. He has been awarded for his services many times.

Waheed Al Marzooqi provides cybersecurity services, guidance, and has raised awareness in the UAE about potential threats that can compromise the country’s information and data. With sheer courage and determination, Waheed Al Marzooqi has become a successful cybersecurity entrepreneur.

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