Entrepreneur Shamus Goss shares his journey to success and what it takes

Shamus Goss is an entrepreneur and founder of multiple businesses. He has demonstrated his ability to build successful businesses from scratch and lead by example. However, what really sets him apart is his dedication to helping his community.

The early days of entrepreneurship

Shamus had a natural drive to succeed at a young age. It wasn’t money that influenced him, but the desire to show what he could achieve and make his mark on the world. It was his love of music that introduced him to his first successful business venture. At the age of 17, Shamus started his own independent record label. At the same time, as a recording artist, he released several records, including his first single, which charted in the Billboard Top Ten. Achieving such success at a young age was one of his proudest accomplishments and a motivating factor in his ongoing career.

Building multiple businesses and reaching an international market

After moving to Atlanta in 2002, Shamus took a detour and shifted his focus from music to the world of sportswear. He successfully harnessed his drive and creativity to create one of the largest team apparel companies in the state, generating seven-figure profits. Through creative planning and thought leadership, Goss increased productivity and fueled the expansion of its business through online connectivity and international sales.

Not content with dominating an industry, Shamus also founded Magneto Home Solutions. This company works with homeowners to find unique and optimal solutions when buying or selling their homes. Magneto Home Solutions became a significant step in Shamus’ wealth-building strategy when he realized that real estate is one of the most powerful industries for building personal financial success. After growing success in various industries, Shamus decides that he wanted to do more to help others and share his accumulated knowledge. This led him to found Major Change Media. This digital marketing company offers innovative marketing solutions for clients helping them increase web visibility and grow their brand.

Additionally, Shamus founded Ecom Titan Pro’s, an e-commerce consulting firm that leverages more than seven years of experience to guide others to independent success and financial freedom. Through Titan Pro’s, Shamus shares business knowledge and resources to help people create passive income streams that can be very lucrative. Beyond this, Ecom Titan has successfully built and managed numerous eCommerce stores that drive growth and profit across the entire eCommerce space.

How Family and Community Influenced Shamus

Shamus was born in the Bronx NY. He was the youngest of four children raised by a single mother. Growing up in this environment, he learned how to rush, how to adapt, and how to turn dreams into action and action into results. When he was young in the Bronx, he saw the poverty around him, as well as the influences of different cultures. He came to truly understand the struggles many Americans face and to recognize the power we all have to help others overcome their challenges.

With a great passion for giving back to his community, Shamus founded HELP, a nonprofit organization that operates throughout Atlanta to help provide food and clothing to the homeless. This charity relies on the power of each person to create change in the community and it is something that Shamus is deeply proud of.

What are the next steps for Shamus?

Shamus never stops moving for long. He is always excited for the next opportunity and continues to seek new ways to grow and innovate. He is always planning his next business venture and will release his memoir “Better with Time” later this year as well as a documentary to share a little more about his path to success.

To follow Shamus Goss and learn more about entrepreneurship and wealth creation, visit him on his website or Instagram.

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