Enter your zone. How Sculpted Vegan Kim Constable Built An 8-Figure Business From Her Bedroom

Kim Constable is a total success story. At an age when many are still trying to build their careers, the 42-year-old is the CEO and founder of The Sculpted Vegan, an online bodybuilding platform for women that raises millions of dollars. And he has built this company with zero investment and with virtually no followers on social media.

“I knew what kind of brand I wanted to create from the beginning,” says the charismatic mother of four. “A brand steeped in integrity, strength, compassion and growth. These words are at the heart of every aspect of my business, from logos and concepts to programs and community. “

Over the past three years, the Belfast-based entrepreneur has helped thousands of women build muscle and confidence by doing what she does best: speaking from experience and a place of love.

“From the beginning, I focused on supporting and serving my clients. When someone tries something new, they are vulnerable. When you’re there for them, loving and supporting them when they can’t support themselves, you create loyal fans eager to tell others about their experience. “

Bulking as a vegan

Constable has been fascinated by muscular physiques since she was a young girl growing up in a small town outside of Belfast. He spent hours looking at his father’s bodybuilding magazines, admiring the power behind the polished bodies on the glossy pages.

Years later, when Constable decided she was too skinny, it was those magazines that came to mind. “I was a qualified yoga instructor on a 1200 calorie per day diet. While I was in shape, I began to notice that the skin on my buttocks was loosening. And the only way to get the tone back was to fill it in with muscle. “

Despite her determination to grow up, Constable soon ran into an obstacle: she was vegan. The misconception at the time, and even today, is that it is impossible to build muscle without consuming animal products. Unable to find information on the Internet to indicate otherwise, Constable set out to debunk this myth.

After careful research, he came up with a plant-based diet to supplement his workouts. And as she saw herself torn apart for the next four years, she modified her nutritional plan for optimal results.

The Sculpted Vegan was born out of Constable’s desire to share his newfound knowledge with others. Today, it is the largest online vegan bodybuilding company in the world. “I thought I was probably not the only vegan trying to bulk up,” she recalls. “I had a lot of experience in internet marketing, business, health and wellness, so I decided to start The Sculpted Vegan to help ordinary people build amazing bodies.”

Passionate about coaching

The signature of The Sculpted Vegan 18 months Sculpt and grind The show took the fitness world by storm, grossing more than $ 50,000 after launch. Today, Constable’s multi-million dollar company has expanded to offer 10 digital programs starting with the Quick-Fix 1 Week Shred.

For the most committed, there are also the 4 and 12 week shredded programs, and the 8 week glute camp. Constable’s other offerings include Buns and guns, Burn fat like a bodybuilderand the hardcore Crush the jail.

Realizing that some clients need extra attention to reach their fitness goals, Constable also offers one-on-one sessions with award-winning nutrition and bodybuilding trainers. And for those looking for some inspiration, she presents The strong and sculpted, a successful podcast that averages 200,000 downloads per month.

To make it easier to access its programs and a community of like-minded people, Constable also plans to launch an app for professional and novice vegan athletes. “It will be a one-stop shop for buying and tracking fitness programs, getting technical support, planning and tracking meals, and buying fitness clothing.” In addition, the application will include an online learning platform: the Sculpted Vegan College – which will allow fitness enthusiasts to take courses on bodybuilding and nutrition.

To share her business knowledge, Constable has also launched The million dollar mentor, a company that allows you to train new women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs on how to start and manage million-dollar brands.

Next year, Constable also plans to launch a certification program for personal trainers and trainers who wish to teach The Sculpted Vegan training methods. “I am passionate about coaching,” says Constable. “I am excited to be able to empower women to start their own businesses. I love seeing them succeed and improve other people’s lives. “

Laying in the hard yards

Constable has shown independence and determination from a young age. And these traits are precisely what has led her to succeed as a bodybuilder and entrepreneur. “While I have always felt loved by my parents, I had to learn to think for myself and to support my two older sisters after they sent us to boarding school. Although I was the youngest, I was always the organized one and the shoulder to cry on, ”she says. Today I am an extremist. I go for what I want and I am not afraid of hard work. Whatever you want in life, it will take work. “

While Constable is always there for her clients, she is the first to tell them that the journey to a sculpted physique is not an easy one. “Fitness should be a regular part of a person’s daily routine. I always tell my clients this in advance. I tell them not to buy my shows unless they are willing to put in the effort, ”he says. “When it comes to training, there is absolutely no room for excuses.”

And this also applies to the achievement of economic objectives. “Women must take responsibility not only for their physical and emotional well-being, but also for their financial future,” says Constable. “From the beginning I realized that if I wanted to achieve financial freedom, I would have to do it on my own. This doesn’t mean that other parts of my life have to suffer, it’s about finding the balance that works for you. The Sculpted Vegan is just the beginning. My next goal is to make a billion dollars. “

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