“Emotion”, by DJ Zach Friedman, evokes your most intimate emotions

DJ Zach Friedman has once again surprised everyone with his new song “Emotion”. Send your listeners on a journey of emotions. As the number of vaporizers continues to break records, it is currently trending on the internet. Zach is now the center of everyone’s attention.

Zach is a talented musician with a knack for creating engaging music that makes you want to dance. For example, you can’t help but dance to “Emotion” once you hear it.

The song “Emotion” also explains why Zach is different from other artists in the genre. The calm rhythms and unique melody that runs through his work set him apart from the competition.

His EP has been lovingly produced by Rumor Records. His efforts are paying off, as the three tracks on his EP, “Secrets,” “Emotion,” and “Energy,” are being broadcast more and more on a daily basis. Also, the production quality and mastering of the EP are just phenomenal.

Listen to “Emotion” on Spotify

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