Em Nacirema’s incredible journey as an artist

Life has a fun way of shaping us throughout each and every one of our journeys. Some of the most beautiful stories in life come from people who have been through hardships that can seem almost unbearable at times. But these are the stories that forever change anyone who hears them.

Hip hop artist Em Nacirema is one of those people who has an inspiring story. The New York City-based creative has had a long journey to get to where he is today. The artist started making music at a young age, heavily inspired by his brother who also rapped.

Terrible luck beat Em Nacirema during his youth, as the rapper spent 10 years in prison. Life beyond that time has not been easy, as Em Nacirema sees his 10 years in prison as a major setback. But that hasn’t stopped Em Nacirema from standing out in the music industry.

As a freelance artist, Em Nacirema made his debut on major streaming platforms earlier this year with his single “Timeless.” The track has amassed over 100,000 streams to date and peaked at number 7 on the Belgian iTunes hip hop charts. A more than impressive introduction for the artist.

Em Nacirema is busy making music and fathering 2 kids when he’s not putting up bars.

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