Elvijs Plugis became one of the UK’s most successful digital marketing experts.

Born and raised in Latvia, Elvijs Plugis always had an optimistic outlook on life and believed that hard work and dedication will lead to success. After moving to 2009, Elvijs focused on finishing her education and graduated in English and business relations. In the quest to become financially independent and begin his career, Elvijs began modeling and even landed contracts in 2011. Later, Elvijs won the title of ‘Sexiest Man’ from the prestigious StarCentral magazine. Elvijs also ends up winning the 2013-2014 Mr. International UK title. It was the time that Elvijs began to diversify his interest and worked in mainstream films such as Star Wars, Crage Brothers, and The Target (as a lead actor). For Elvijs, the modeling and acting career was not just another beginning on his résumé, it was an opportunity for him to discover the real-life experience of film, modeling, television, and the fashion industry. This experience built a solid foundation for the latter part of Elvijs’ career when he became the UK’s leading digital marketing manager in this field.

Elvijs was managing a marketing project since his graduation days, but he dedicated his career to it after joining Art in Fusion TV in late 2013 as a co-producer and has managed over 200 projects so far and many more will continue to this day. today. Elvijs worked mainly in the management of large projects of commercials, films, video / photo shoots for international magazines. He has also directed many fashion, art film and beauty pageant events. He later launched his own startup called Sigulp LTD, which is a digital marketing consulting service. Elvijs is currently a digital marketing expert / consultant and Managing Director of Techtadd Ltd, a digital marketing agency. His talent, hard work, and active contributions to art, fashion, and film were officially recognized by the Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion and Sports, as he was elected vice president and chief marketing officer there. Founded in 2019, the UK Parliamentary Society for the Arts, Fashion and Sports is a collaborative effort of the arts, fashion and sports industries with the UK government, which aims to support the talented young people in the industry. For Elvijs, holding such a prestigious position is not only an honor, but also a great responsibility to guide young apprentices in their area of ​​expertise. Moving forward, Elvijs will continue to advance its marketing business and has plans to expand the business internationally. Derived from the motivation of personal struggles, Elvijs is also involved in many charity events and projects of this type and strives to help as many people as he can. For young people just starting a career in digital marketing in the field of art, film and fashion, there is no better figure of inspiration than Elvijs Plugis.

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