Elle Ullmann, one of the few female investors in the esports industry

The popularity of esports has been on the rise, especially this past year due to the number of people staying home amid the ongoing pandemic. Like any other industry, esports has myriad ways to scale and build a career for yourself. Whether you choose to be a gamer or are passionate about creating events and conventions, the possibilities are endless.

For enterprising Elle Ullmann, establishing herself in the esports industry came first through investment. Surprisingly, not many women are currently investing in the esports space, and Elle hopes to raise awareness among others who may have considered starting out on their own.

One of the teams Elle invests in is XSET, which focuses on culture, diversity, entertainment and technology – everything that she is passionate about. Thanks to her hard work and her MELT Media and Music Agency, Elle stops at nothing to offer her clients sponsorships and licensing agreements.

In addition to investing in esports, Elle is also passionate about creating events for fans and influencers to have fun while growing their brands. One of these events will be the Houston Fusion Fest, which is planned for the last week of spring 2021. Elle has devoted countless hours of research to this project and is excited to see the reaction.

To stay up-to-date on what Elle is working on, you can find her on Instagram at @ElleUllmann, or on her website ElleUllmann.com. You can also go to your company’s website, MELTMMA.com.

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