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Effuel is an innovative ECO OBD2 Add-on device that has been designed to specifically increase the efficiency of your car and at the same time reduce fuel consumption. It connects with the car’s on-board computer (ECU) and checks emissions, fuel usage, and works to increase overall efficiency, thereby reducing the overall cost of operating the car.

Modern cars have become quite fuel efficient thanks to their embedded computer chips that constantly measure the efficiency of the car and therefore make it cheaper to operate. Still, there is room for improvement, as the purchase decision for many economy cars depends on their fuel efficiency. A device that can increase the fuel efficiency of the car regardless of the manufacturer or the model can revolutionize the entire market. Many potential budget car buyers would opt for mid-range cars that offer greater comfort and a better driving experience. On the other hand, many new customers could enter the market due to the reduced costs of taking the car on the road.

A fuel efficient car is like a car owner’s dream, especially someone trying to cut down on expenses. There are many ways to save your hard-earned money. Many people cut back on their dining out, cut down on electricity, or even stop snacking to save money. Another way to save a lot of money is to save on gas and this is where Effuel comes into the picture.

ECO OBD2 Fuel Economy Review

Effuel ECO OBD2 is a small performance chip that is connected to the car’s ECU. The manufacturer claims that it can reduce fuel consumption by at least 35%. The decrease in fuel consumption could be greater if you employ other smart strategies in combination with Effuel. It is very easy to install. It does not affect the performance of the car and the same goes for the overall driving comfort. It only affects fuel consumption.

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Once installed in the car, it calculates the amount of fuel your car uses to reach a specific distance. It then tries to reduce the amount of fuel required by the engine, thus improving the overall efficiency of the engine.


The best part about the Effuel chip is that it doesn’t require professional help to get it working inside your car. It comes with a comprehensive instruction manual that contains the installation, operation and even removal processes.

All cars that were made after 1996 come with ECU (electronic control unit). These chips act as the brain of the car and are tasked with analyzing and optimizing the performance of the car. Effuel can only be installed in cars that have an ECU.

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The installation process is pretty straightforward. It includes:

Turn off the car and remove the key from the ignition. Find the OBD2 port in your car. Depending on the model, it is usually located on the side of the driver’s door, just below the dash. On some models, the 16-pin port is open, while on newer models there is a removable latch at the top. Plug Effuel into OBD2 port. Start the car and then reset your ECU. Wait about 50 minutes and start the car.

It is as simple as connecting the memory card to your camera.

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How does Effuel work inside the car?

Effuel ECO OBD2 is an electronic device that connects with the OBD2 interface of the engine. It interacts with the behavior of the car towards fuel intake and gradually increases the fuel efficiency of the car. As mentioned above, the installation process is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

It is compatible with all cars manufactured after 1996 as it interacts directly with the car’s ECU. Once it is installed in the car, it begins to analyze the fuel use for a certain distance, mainly 150 miles. Get the data and understand the nature of the car and the driving behavior of the driver. It should be noted that driving behavior is also one of the important factors determining fuel efficiency. Based on the information, Effuel obtains the best possible efficiency by focusing on the operation of the engine.

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The manufacturer also claims that the Effuel also increases the car’s power and torque. However, there is little evidence that the device actually increases the car’s power generation. The only limitation of the device is that it works in cars that have injectable fuels. So it doesn’t work on electric cars.


Here are some of the benefits of using Effuel in your car:

Increase fuel efficiency

The most important feature of Effuel is that it increases the fuel efficiency of the car. The manufacturer claims that it increases fuel efficiency by 35%. While fuel efficiency increases, the actual increase depends on the car and the driver’s driving behavior.. Check
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Save money

There are many costs associated with driving a car on the highway. First, the price of the car, then the cost of maintaining the car, and then the cost of driving the car. In addition to these, there are different taxes depending on where you drive. The cost of fuel becomes the main cost as you drive the car for a longer period. It exceeds the value of a car as it ages. So an increase in car fuel efficiency is synonymous with saving a lot of money. Effuel helps increase fuel efficiency, thereby saving you hard-earned money.

Fewer visits to gas stations

The cars run on fuel and we get it from gas stations. There are usually long lines every time you visit the gas station. We have to wait hours (sometimes) to refuel our vehicles, which is not a pleasant experience. As Effuel increases the car’s fuel efficiency, he also makes your gas station visit infrequent. It seems insignificant but it saves a lot of time in the long run.

Easy to install and manage

As mentioned above, the Effuel installation process is very simple. It only takes a few steps and you will start saving on your gas bill. It does not require professional help. Also, the chip does not require any maintenance and has no other hidden costs. The chip removal process is also straightforward.

It does not contribute to air pollution.

Air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are directly related to the number of vehicles on the road. Technological advancements in the auto industry have made great strides towards ameliorating the dire situation, but it is far from perfect. Fuel does not contribute to air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. Since it works by reducing the amount of fuel consumed by the car, the car ends up producing less emissions than without the chip.

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It does not require a change in driving habits.

As mentioned earlier, the driver’s driving habits significantly affect the car’s fuel efficiency. Drivers who don’t push the car too hard end up getting better fuel economy compared to drivers who want every ounce of power from their vehicle. Driving habits do not affect the effectiveness of Effuel. It works regardless of how you drive your car. Therefore, you can enjoy your trip and better fuel average.

Increase the power output of the car.

One of the secondary uses of the Effuel is that it increases the horsepower and torque of your car. While these are important, if you are in the market to increase your vehicle’s horsepower, Effuel may not be the best device. There are a variety of other devices that are up to the task.


As with any other product, Effuel has many shortcomings. Some of them are the following:

Compatibility issues

As mentioned above, Effuel only works with cars that have the ECU installed. It is compatible with cars made after 1996, but it may have some compatibility issues.

Not future proof

We know that the auto industry is moving towards hybrid or all-electric cars. Fully electric vehicles do not have a fuel injector and therefore Effuel does not affect their performance or efficiency. It may mean that Effuel may not be future-proof as it only works on gasoline vehicles.


Unlike other OBD2 devices, the availability of Effuel is not very common. It is only available on the manufacturer’s website in a limited quantity.

Pricing and returns policy

Cars are often among the most expensive possessions of any person. These have a lot of start-up and usage costs, which also makes your accessories considerably expensive. Check out Effuel for sale here.

However, that is not the case for Effuel. The manufacturer’s customer non-exploitation policy has made the product considerably affordable. He currently offers three offers on Effuel:

The first package – It has an Effuel chip and costs $ 39.98. Shipping charges apply.
The popular treatment – Buy an Effuel chip at $ 59.97, get another chip at no additional cost. Shipping is included in the deal.
Another deal – Buy two products at $ 79.96 including shipping costs and get one free.

There is also a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your Effuel, you can easily contact their customer service and request a refund.

Final words: Is the effort worth buying?

In conclusion, suffice it to say that owning a car is expensive. Sometimes buying a car doesn’t make financial sense, but we all want to own the car of our dreams at some point in our lives. The car’s maintenance and operating costs exceed its initial value only after 3.4 years of use. As the car ages, it loses its fuel efficiency and becomes more expensive. Effuel helps you in that moment, as it increases the fuel efficiency of your car. There are also many other benefits of using Effuel.

On the other hand, you may face some compatibility issues as it only works with the cars that have an ECU. Lastly, the affordable price and money-back guarantee make the purchase virtually risk-free.

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