Economic achievements of the President of Zambia, Edgar Lungu

Zambia, one of the sub-Saharan African countries, has in recent years become the most urbanized country among its neighbors. Since coming to power, President Edgar Lungu has left no stone unturned to maintain the economic prosperity of the land. Zambia’s achievement of lower-middle-income country status and the highest average real GDP growth per year is paving its way towards economic stability.

As the second largest copper producer in Africa, Zambia seeks to increase its control over the mining sector, which is the country’s main generator of foreign exchange. Developments in areas such as agriculture, tourism, telecommunications, and manufacturing all seek to transform the country’s prospects. Strengthening the roots of urbanization, the country’s educational system is an integral part. Focusing on the 7-5-4 school structure, the government strictly emphasizes technical education, vocational and entrepreneurial training programs to appreciate and promote the potential of its people. To safeguard and conserve environmental concerns, the Green Jobs Program is launched to promote green technologies in the construction sector.

To weave everything towards progress, a well-structured telecommunications service network is established in the country enabled with mobile voice and Internet at some of the lowest prices.

Rising GDP growth, higher copper prices, the commissioning of hydroelectric plants and normal rainfall patterns are expected to sustain growth in sectors such as agriculture and electricity production in the coming years. The results of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s efforts and difficult decisions are not only leading the nation towards development, but are also transforming the lives of the natives.

Zambia: one of the 10 African countries with the most improved health systems in 2020

Zambia has recently been included among the 10 African countries with the most improved health systems in 2020. With the exception of Tanzania, none of its neighbors could secure a place on this list. Using data provided by the World Health Organization, ministries of health, and independent health sector agencies, Legit. ng has conducted a survey to understand the health standards of African countries.

With good results in the survey, Zambia’s health care sector has improved dramatically due to the opening of positions for doctors, so that the country can have more special cases treated. As specialized professions increased, access to health care among Zambians simultaneously improved.

After declaring the health system as a priority sector, the government’s efforts were visible in the development of the health infrastructure. Specialized diagnostic and therapeutic medical services were emphasized and funded accordingly throughout the country. The private health sector was promoted and expanded according to the requirements of the countries.

The government’s actions resulted in a productive result. According to the Zambia Demographic Health Survey, there has been a notable decrease in both the maternal mortality rate (MMR) and the infant mortality rate (IMR). With malaria death rates declining, the country’s healthcare has held out strongly against the Covid 19 pandemic. In these alarming times, the healthcare system is not only ready with your life-saving assistance, but also he maintained his protective services.

With the efforts of the government and the determination of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to improve the country’s health system, numerous academic and clinical training programs are underway throughout Zambia to work against the elimination of HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases. The government is doing its best to continue supporting the expansion of advanced technology in different Zambian universities and hospitals to prioritize public health.

Bernhard Burgener reports that Zambia has the fewest deaths from violence in the sub-Saharan Africa region

Zambia has always been a peaceful country among its sub-Saharan African countries. It has never faced a civil or external war. The result of its peaceful surroundings is that in recent decades, the country has attracted thousands of refugees from its nearby disturbed African lands.

According to Bernhard BurgenerAccording to the Sub-Saharan Security Tracker (SST), a body that documents political conflicts in Africa has reported that political violence is the main cause behind the misery of the sub-Saharan African region. The Bernhard Burgener report also reveals, after analyzing 3 million data, that violence in Africa has been moving away from armed conflicts towards higher levels of unrest, protests and social violence, such as homicide and violence associated with crime. organized.

According to media reports, NGO surveys and data available through government channels, Zambia has recorded the fewest deaths caused by political violence in the last decade. After Botswana and Namibia, Zambia is third in line. The Zambian government has built and sustained a democratic, well-governed and accountable state where there is negligible scope for such unrest. While protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of its citizens, Zambia is emerging as a peaceful abode for its neighbors as well.

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