Eager to be at the top in the information security field, showing off his shrewd and diligent skills as an entrepreneur is Saud Bin Ahmed.

You work to protect the tech world and your country, protecting them against external hackers and viruses.

As people become witness to many advancements in the technological world leading to the changing dynamics of most industries around the world, it is likely that people will also be exposed to many other negative aspects of such revolutions that they are totally driven by technology. Most of the work of companies and businesses has gone completely digital, especially after the world was hit by a global health pandemic. Industries have resorted to working in the online space facilitating their services for everyone. However, with many advancements, many risks also increase in any industry. With such ease, downsides also arise regarding threats in the online world. With so much information available online, the chances of cybercrime being committed are also increasing. However, to protect people, the tech world, and countries, there are also canny entrepreneurs on a mission to safeguard everyone from cybercrime. One such cyber-entrepreneur is Saud Bin Ahmed from the United Arab Emirates. This talented man is a certified ethical hacker and cybersecurity entrepreneur.

Hailing from the United Arab Emirates and born in 1985, Ahmed was always influenced by the tech world from the beginning. At the naive age of just 13, his technical career began by dipping his hands in conducting experiments and research on some electronic software. Gaining more knowledge, learning through the process and dedicating himself fully to the world of technology, Ahmed in 2001 allowed the detection of many breaches in more than 4000 computers in the United Arab Emirates. This increased experience of Ahmed helped him save many families from exposure to extortion cases by hackers outside the country.

Today, Saud Bin Ahmed is considered one of the top international leaders in the information security field and also a smart ethical hacker, certified by the United States of America. He has been serving the Arab community and the world with all his technical knowledge and experience for the past 19 years.

In 2013, Ahmed became the first UAE resident to dismantle the ransom virus, hiding behind the emblem of the UAE Ministry of the Interior. Ahmed has been the force behind raising awareness among people about electronic blackmail, abusive and corrupt media circulation and many related things.

Through his expertise in cybersecurity, Ahmed protects Internet-connected systems such as software, hardware and also data from many cyber threats and protects his country as a leader in ethical hacking. Through ethical hacking, it identifies potential data breaches and the various cyber threats on a network.

So far, Ahmed has received several awards and distinctions for excellence in the field of ethical hacking and information security. He has worked with the President of the Arab Parliament, His Excellency Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan and in 2011 managed its technical affairs. Apart from this, he also writes several articles for newspapers that talk about cybersecurity. It is Ahmed’s consistency in innovatively protecting his country from potential cyber threats and his persistence over the years that has made him a successful cyber entrepreneur today.

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