Dubwork turns his childhood passion into a full-time career

As time goes by, Dubwork, a musician from New Jersey, tirelessly strives to achieve the musical career he envisions. This freelance artist does it all with his in-house team. So far they have managed to produce something amazing. With each passing day, Dubwork continues to dedicate more and more time to his work, and has many things planned for the rest of the year.

Dubwork started making music when he was only eight years old and hasn’t looked back since. His love for hip hop music specifically blossomed in high school and evolved during his college years as he began to take music more seriously. Dubwork has invested countless hours into his craft since then, and it is beginning to pay off.

“I’ve never felt so prepared for something in my life,” Dubwork says when asked how he feels about his future in the music industry. His childhood passion is coming full circle, and he’s diving headfirst as he seeks to make a splash in the music industry. Keep an eye out for Dubwork as he continues to turn his music into a full-time career. The creative has just released his newest album, “Up By 20”, check out that project below.

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Stream Dubwork’s album “Up By 20” on Spotify here.

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