Dr. Chris Cole teaches Fintech and Wealth Management one person at a time

The last decade has seen significant change in different industries, especially with the growing popularity of mobile phones, the Internet, and social media. Growth has been astronomical as many traditional industries have been or are about to be eliminated. One of the benefiting industries has been cryptocurrency and financial technology. With the rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the growing popularity of new crypto assets and exchanges, one name that continues to stand out is Dr. Chris Cole, who at 37 has made a living as a financial advisor, educator, and philanthropist.

Dr. Cole attributes his growth to his parents, crediting his business inspiration to his father Bobby Cole and his ambitious laser-focused mindset to his mother, Christine Cole. He hails from Augusta, GA, remembering how steamy his childhood was; he realized that happiness is a choice. During his adolescence, he strove to be responsible for his happiness, not for money, material possessions, or any other passing things in life. With numerous startups where he has failed, Chris has prioritized his happiness above anything else and now, at the pinnacle of his career as an entrepreneur, with a proven track record, he is on a mission to help other future entrepreneurs find their happiness through fintech. , as well as learn financial education and how to generate generational wealth.

He has over a decade of experience in money management and financial market trading; he is also a leader in the retail space and has been featured in publications such as Futures and Truth Magazine and Futures magazine. In addition, Cole has directly mentored over 100 students who are now full-time traders and has equipped his students to secure over $50 million in trading capital as part of his teaching tools and strategy.

Dr. Cole is a proven businessman and professional whose track record speaks for itself. His accomplishments in various roles across multiple industries set him apart from his peers and competitors. Dr. Cole is the first African-American listing director for a publicly traded company, RLT Atwood; He is the current president of BWO, Bridging Wealth Opportunities, a fintech and financial education platform focused on educating students about creating generational wealth and creating technology to help themselves and others grow wealth and at the same time to educate He is also the owner of the First Black-Owned Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange, creator of the Top NFT trading marketplace, a global education partner with Nadex, and is currently serving in advisory roles as a financial advisor to athletes, celebrities for over a decade . and counting.

He describes his business as helping others by exposing and educating them on information that is only available on privileged platforms. “My company also provides its own execution platform that is global and very easy to use. It is also equipped with automated features that take some of the stress out of trading. As a result, the Wealth Standard exchange is second to none.”

Dr. Cole has been described by partners and associates as an authority on fintech and financial management, first as an expert cryptocurrency trader and later as a long-standing financial advisor to athletes, celebrities, and influencers. Dr. Cole has amassed a decade of experience in the financial trading and risk management industry and has become a household name in the fintech industry.

After years of trading and teaching others how to create and build long-term wealth, Dr. Cole has successfully launched a new NFT marketplace and trading venue. The platform, which he called the Wealth Standard Exchange, launched on Wall Street on July 30, 2021. “What better place to launch it than Wall Street?” he summed up.

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