Deeper message behind the work of up-and-coming artist Isaiah Wallace

Many musicians are inspired by their past experiences and struggles, and Tennessee hip-hop artist Isaiah Wilson is a prime example. Also known by his stage name Justzai, this young independent singer, songwriter, and artist has been causing a sensation in the hip-hop world with over 100,000 Spotify streams.

Growing up in downtown Chattanooga Tennessee has shaped the perspective that Justzai portrays. He revealed in an interview that, although he would describe his music as “New, fun, [and] fast, ”she also writes about difficult topics like her depression. This lyrical and sometimes heavy style is reminiscent of artists Isaiah admires and draws inspiration from, such as J. Cole and Joyner Lucas.

Justzai wants his audience to take a message of independence and certainty from his music. He revealed that “I want you to see that even if you don’t find your comfort zone, you can make a new one.” And this action is practiced by the young artist himself. His next project is a 10-track album titled Here We Go Again that brings a new style to each hip-hop subgenre (thus inspiring the album’s name). This album is produced in collaboration with Justzai engineer Abdias Joga of Breaker 17 Studios.

Listen to the music of Isaiah Wallace here.

You can find Isaiah Wallace on Instagram here @Justzai_

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