Dedication and discipline: How rising star Darez Meriwether is building his empire

When it comes to paths to success, Darez has always been guided by a winning personality and a willingness to keep his eyes on the prize and figure things out. Learning the discipline came early for him, as he started working at the age of 14 completing paperwork at a military base in Germany. He took that discipline and applied it to his new career in the insurance industry. Initially he had some hiccups, basically improvising day by day to get him and his team closer to the right direction, but he took the time to really learn and master the business and get organized. Fast forward to today and it is growing as one of the most promising organizations in the insurance industry on the west coast. He has established himself and others with a 6+ figure annual career working from home and that’s just the beginning.

Darez works with a company called American Income Life, an insurance company that provides life, accident, supplemental health, hospital indemnity, cancer and critical illness protection plans. Darez has created a business for himself within the company. AIL offers a unique intropreneurship opportunity, offering a compensation plan for agents to earn commissions on the sale of their policies and leadership incentives for those who choose to climb organizations of licensed agents who sell policies.

When Darez started with AIL, he and his fellow agents traveled to make in-home appointments to show and sell insurance policies, which is how most of the insurance industry operates. The COVID-19 pandemic offered a unique opportunity for American Income Life and its agents to transform from the inside out and begin providing work-from-home opportunities. With the help of agent leadership like Darez, the company has since thrived on that opportunity, and now offers an opportunity for agents to not only be more efficient, but to minimize travel costs and risk for both agents and customers. for clients when staying at home. and make appointments through zoom calls. This has created a much more attractive opportunity for AIL to recruit new agents.

Darez and his team are seizing that opportunity and running with it. “Nothing grows within your comfort zone” is a quote she resonates with very closely. She has brought that mindset right into her organization and every new agent she trains. Not only is he a rising star within his company, but he is an example of what staying true to your goals and mission can do for you. He is not slowing down anytime soon.

For inquiries and opportunities to work with Darez, he can be reached on Instagram at @_iamdarez_

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